When I was a little girl, I read a book called “The Girl with the Silver Eyes” about a highly intelligent, highly gifted, unique young girl named Katie who had remarkable intuitive abilities.

Katie is very different from other children her age in four ways: first, she is highly gifted intellectually, second she has strange colored eyes, third, she a set of intriguing intuitive abilities, and fourth, she’s highly sensitive. While the story centers around her intuitive giftedness, the actual themes throughout the book focuses mainly the way people perceive her “otherness”; largely through fear and negatively reacting to her abilities and demanding she “change” to suit their comfort zones.

By using Katie’s “otherness” as a framework for reference, the author talked quite bluntly about the effects that  giftedness has upon unique people in a way that connects viscerally with us.

This book resonated with me on every level while struggling through the social isolation that high levels of giftedness often comes with, especially as a young girl.

I was 9 years old at the time I read it, and I suffered through many similar issues as Katie. I had these strange “abilities” others didn’t have access to. These gifts coupled with my exceedingly high IQ and highly sensitive nature were largely inexplicable and scared people. As a result, I struggled for many years both with being bullied and outcast by kids as well as by teachers and adults who didn’t understand my otherness. My strangeness.

The author gave me solace and understanding by explaining that much of society tends to despise people who might seem “different” than them simply for existing. Why? Because gifted individuals scare people with their “otherness”. To understand otherness or uniqueness means you have to expand your own ideas about what might be possible for humans to be capable of achieving. That’s a challenge for most people – to grow like that. So facing someone we perceive as “different”, we often throw up barriers and react in fear.

Katie at first fought her differences and struggled to find acceptance because of the fear shown to her by those close to her.She tried to box herself in and stop her abilities. Which only led to her experiencing more pain.

Eventually she learned to trust her “uniqueness” and follow her intuitive guidance. This choice resulted in a series of synchronicities; she met a number of children like her, found hope in the form of an adult mentor who valued her otherness, and she began to deepening her connection to her gifts as opposed to running away from them any longer.

I remember thinking as I read this book back as a child, why doesn’t life work like that?

The truth is, it does. If you open yourself up to embracing and fully embodying your otherness that maybe you once boxed in, you can learn to follow your own intuitive guidance straight to the opportunities your unique gifts provides you.

What I want you to understand is this:

It is your UNIQUENESS – your OTHERNESS that creates the key factor for your success in life.

A lot of times we think we need to fit ourselves into tight little boxes and affix little labels with the right buzzwords and elevator pitches on our lapels so other people can see us, understand us and relate to us.

But the truth is when we attempt to box ourselves down into tinier and tighter little places, trying to “fit in”, we block ourselves from experiencing the inner guidance that leads us to the real opportunities for lasting success, meaning, significance, love and acceptance that we are really meant to experience.

The tighter your box becomes, in other words, the more blocked you become from your own intuitive creative processes.

And, the tighter your box wraps itself around you, the less unique you are, the less bold you become, the less YOU that you can give and serve to others around you.

Bottom Line: You cannot intuitively serve at your highest possible level in your relationships, life and business if you box yourself in and hide your otherness.

You see, no matter how “unique” or “queer” or “odd” your otherness or giftedness might be – the truth is – it has nothing to do with anything being wrong with you! Uniqueness is everything that is RIGHT with you!

Your uniqueness is something to value. And here’s the thing, the more connected you are with your uniqueness, the more connected to your own intuition and the more deeply inner guided you become. This is the snowball effect that leads to amazing miracles and events manifesting themselves as you step into a place of higher calling and higher service based upon the foundation of two things: your mission and purpose and your uniqueness.

Looking back now, I know exactly why my life did not always flow. This young girl let her intuition guide her – sometimes I did – and that’s when things flowed, but I would often choke it all off out of fear and second guess all my intuitive decisions.

I was too scared of making a mistake, of being seen, of playing in a larger field.

I didn’t believe the success was where my gifts were, that the money was available to me, or that meaning or significance was there if I showed the world who I really am. I believed I had to hide my otherness.

I kept playing it safe by hiding, donning the corporate hat and dismissed the promptings of my intuition. I kept boxing myself down into tighter and tighter boxes, only I secretly hoped someone would finally see me, understand me, and value me.

The truth is, until you break free of your box, and stop limiting yourself, people cannot see you, understand you or value you. And until you break free, you will always run headlong into your own big block wall of uncertainty and fear. You won’t be able to follow the intuitive impulses that challenge you to step into a larger playing field that has been created entirely based on your unique qualities so you can succeed on your terms.

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