Is there a difference between being intuitive and being psychic?

Let’s begin by defining the term intuition versus the term psychic.

The most fundamental basic premise behind intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, spontaneously receiving insight without the need for conscious reasoning.


Personally, I consider intuition to be a highly directed ability to ask questions and allowing the answers to come to you through your intuitive senses & abilities in a variety of ways.

The term psychic is defined as relating to or influenced by the human mind psyche. Essentially, the word psychic focuses on mental processes and sensory experiences, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy.

So, what we have here are two words that talk about two different levels of abilities that make use of our physical senses at different levels of awareness or consciousness.

Now, there are several levels of awareness that we flow between throughout our lives.

What I’ve found is our physical senses become more sensitive and open to other states of experiences as we elevate our conscious awareness. In other words, as your consciousness and awareness expands and rises, so does your sensory perception and abilities.

The first levels of awareness are primarily fear-based unconscious programming. This is where our senses are primarily focused on our immediate physical and emotional survival. Sometimes we  get stuck here in focusing mostly on negative emotional states, or feeling trapped, depressed, angry, frustrated or lost.

The middle levels of awareness are what we consider our basic subconscious & conscious awareness. This is where we are able to learn how to perceive or see something energetically using our physical senses at a more finely attuned degree. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to elevate our conscious state of awareness and open our physical senses to perceive information energetically (ie: psychically).

Consider this for a moment:  only 4% of the Universe is actually present in our 3-D material reality. The other 96% of our Universe operates energetically on other planes and dimensions. You can learn to direct and use your senses to access these other planes and dimensions.

Usually a person’s psychic senses are not fully developed to be self-directed. It’s a hit or miss game, because they haven’t learned how to fully control what they pick up energetically around them or translate it into practical, actionable information. The person hasn’t been given the training on how to direct their sensory awareness with clarity and intent. However, these are skills that can be trained.

The next levels of conscious awareness are considered connected to nonlocal conscious awareness, also known as infinite consciousness or super-consciousness. When we are first born, we are all connected to this. We intuitively perceive and understand this awareness of infinite non-self. It’s our social training that distances us from this awareness. However, we can receive a spark of enlightenment through a life-changing experience that opens us up to perceive the fundamental realization about the nature of reality and awareness and reconnect us back to this original source of wonder, awe and delight. This is where our base level physical senses elevate to a state of perceiving intuitively.

Most people cannot control their intuitive hits because they have not learned how to reconnect themselves to their own higher states of awareness. A flash of intuitive insight or a 3am epiphany comes when your defenses are down, you are relaxed and in a mental state of flow: being open and receptive to receiving ideas and inspiration spontaneously.

Intuition is something we all have access to 24/7 at will, because we are all a part of the infinite field of nonlocal conscious awareness. We all have access to 24 intuitive abilities we can utilize at any time at will.

A lot of people believe there is a difference between being intuitive and being psychic. Yes, they are two very different things, mainly because intuition is our universal channel that connects us to the infinite field of nonlocal awareness or a spiritual source of infinite information.

The only difference between the idea of physical, psychic, and intuitive senses is the state of awareness in which you access and make use of them.

Psychic ability simply takes your physical senses to the next awareness level to perceive and translate energy beyond the physical world directly around you. Intuition simply raises those same senses to the level of our shared infinite field of awareness so we can receive information that we can use to direct our lives. We can get answers to our questions, communicate with others non-locally, solve problems, make decisions and live a most optimal life in flow with our purpose, vision and mission.

If you have any questions about experiences you’ve had please share them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to clarify them.

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