For some people this is immediately clear to them.

For others, because they are so burdened and layered with their obligations and their belief systems that they have to be reasonable and respectable, this leads them to being unable to figure this out.It may take you some time to uncover, but I promise you it is deep inside you. It’s the song of your soul, your mission impossible in life.

Your Soul’s Message & Mission is already inside you.

Our struggles with fragmentation creates negative beliefs, which are linked to negative emotional states, creating negative vibrations and eventually a swirling negative vortex of energy – in the end you attract negative situations, negative people and a negative lifestyle that drains and depletes you of your power, passion and light.

Now, most Law of Attraction teachings tell you to begin creating the right vibrations, and the right energy to attract the right opportunities, the right people and the right situations to achieve your goals.In other words, you need to stop negative thinking and start thinking positively.

However, that is easier said than done, because of our brain is fundamentally wired.

In A Mind of Its Own: How Your Brain Distorts and Deceives by neuroscientist, Cordelia Fines, we discover how the brain is wired to focus almost entirely on physical survival and will go to great lengths to prove it’s belief systems and create chaos and melodrama where none need exist.

So we are essentially trying to fight an uphill battle by trying to program our brain to rewire itself. Now it is entirely possible to reprogram your mind’s neural networks, and I’m living proof of that.

But it’s so much easier to bypass the long, slow process of reprogramming your mind to subvert it’s own natural inclinations and hack directly into a higher source of power.

What I am saying, and what you’ve probably already discovered in your own life is that it’s
not enough to start thinking positively.

You have got to get deeply emotionally invested in what you really, really desire.

Most people are afraid to do that.

Based on what you wrote down from your “Divine Life” time machine exercise (that part that we went through earlier), it is time for you to get good and ready to decide what it is you will do to GIVE that CREATES HIGH VALUE & DELIVERS DELIGHT to your Divine Right People and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

The secret key to DELIVERING HIGH VALUE & DELIGHT lies in identifying all of your unique set of gifts, talents, skills, and what it is that your soul desires most to create and share with the world.

How do You Find Your Soul’s Mission & the Divine Right People You are Meant to Delight?

How do you figure out what your soul’s mission is so you can create high value and delight your divine right people?

You start by learning to use your Invisible, Intuitive Powers to help you uncover your Soul’s Message & Mission, and draw to you the inspiration, opportunities, ideas and the divine right path for you to follow.

Keep in mind, your invisible, intuitive powers, your mind, your heart and soul are all in tune with the Universe and all the divine laws. Everything around you wants to PARTNER with you to SUCCEED! At the same time, everything around you operates in tandem order in alignment with your feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

All these elements work together to create your life and reality, as you manifest it through your own set of feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

So, when you focus on what delights your heart and soul, and what delights other people in the world – you create a very powerful resonance that rewards you with your heart’s desires!

In the traditional systems of what’s been taught, this works to your advantage when your thoughts and beliefs are positive, but when they’re negative, well that’s when you run into trouble, you begin to struggle more and you simply don’t enjoy life.

A lot of people run into this negativity in the form of self-doubt and fear right off the bat during this process.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard:

“I don’t know what I can offer that’s high value to others, Isis!”

“I don’t have anything to offer that’s high value.”


“I’m not good enough to create high value for others.”

If you are saying anything this to yourself, this is what I call

“a self-doubt dragon” rearing its ugly head in your mind.

According to the Law of Attraction, you attract to you what you feel, think and believe.

What you feel, think and believe sends out pulses of energy and a vibrational resonance to the universe, rather like a radio signaling tower, which attracts the energy of situations, people and circumstances that share those vibrational patterns.

So if you are sending a scrambled message to the universe, you are going to receive scrambled results.That’s why positive people are surrounded by positive people and have good things happen to them. It’s also why negative people are attracted to negative people who have negative energy and tend to struggle more throughout life.

(Now, I teach a unique, seven-step process to my clients that bypasses the Law of Attraction altogether to manifest even more rapidly than you could imagine but we’ll get into that later.)

Beliefs linked to powerful feelings and emotions have more powerful vibrations and will be manifested rapidly.So if you constantly say you don’t know what you want to do, or you’re not sure, or you can’ figure it out – you’re only going to create more confusion and you’re only going to attract situations that will ultimately confuse you even more.

What’s even worse, is you are giving away all your inner power to those self-doubt dragons who are eating away at your very soul.This is called a self-fulfilling prophecy and creates a negative vortex of vibrational energy that continues to create chaos and confusion. If you aren’t careful, you can become addicted to the negative vibrational vortex state because of the adrenaline and other stimulant hormones it produces.

This is why catastrophic thinkers frequently become self-harmers.

To end this never-ending cycle of confusion, reactivity and chaos, you need to get clear and
focused on what you really want to manifest instead.

And you NEED to tame your self-doubt and transform them into strong, protective, and fierce dragons of courage that will give you the power to fly.

Remember: Self-Doubt triggers negative thinking….

For some people, they are so disconnected from themselves @ the Soul Level they don’t now how to delve into all this. That’s where working with me privately in an intensive VIP session really comes in handy.

We can quickly unlock the answers for you in a very short period of time.

Now, if you’ve immediately grasped the concept of how to tap into your Soul to create high value, you can see how your mind, body and spirit is responding to your ideas.

What I want you to do now, and over the next week, take a few minutes and brainstorm about different ideas that you could do/be/create to deliver high value and delight the world. Think about what really delighted you in the past, what really got you excited. Brainstorm ideas about your soul’s mission impossible.

I love that by the way – Your Mission Impossible.

Did you enjoy those silly, crazy movies with Tom Cruise? I sure did. Which is why I have a program called Your Mission Impossible: Discovering the Mission of Your Soul. A very low cost way of working with me.

Both of these services are available to my clients as a part of their one-on-one work with me.

If you have some excuses they are always linked to a hidden self-doubt and you need to tame them, now.If this is you, then you need a step-by-step process that shows you how to transform all of your self-doubt into courage and motivation to go after your dreams.
I suggest you go to this page right now and watch this free video if this is you…

Keep in mind, your self-doubts are linked to negative thoughts and beliefs that need to be tamed and transformed into thoughts and beliefs that are empowering, courageous and motivating.

Stay tuned, more great insight is coming your way.

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