My Perspective

Whether it’s relationships, career, business, balance and healing, navigating difficult transition periods in your life or simple everyday decision-making, intuition gives us the leading edge.

When we feel stuck and uncertain, it’s often because we’re only seeing a part of the whole. A simple flash of intuition illuminates and clarifies our path as we step back to see the whole picture and an array of new options we may have never considered.

What is intuition?

It’s a clear understanding that comes not from our logical mind—the part that knows how to do the math—but from a deeper part of our whole being. It’s the secret of heeding premonitions, acting on bolts of insight from out of the blue, and paying attention to your quiet inner voice.

This is what successful people always do, whether they are conscious of it or not. Intuition is the deepest wisdom of the soul.

I am a holistic advocate: I honor both the linear logic and the nonlinear intuition as necessary, balanced companions. Intuition can be a powerful ally in a world obsessed with pragmatic decisions and information overload. If your intuition has been dormant over the years, this is your opportunity to awaken the single greatest asset you have that resides within you.

I noticed how the logical mind strongly predominated when I taught a course called Rapid Decision Acceleration Using Intuition for teams across the country. Talk about excitement! That was the operative word when they discovered how intuition expanded their perception and led them to breakthroughs, unusual product innovations, insightful ground-breaking ideas and even alerted them to correct errors that would have been costly financially and otherwise.

We all have the potential to be whole-brain and follow Dr. Salk’s dictum: “The intuitive mind tells the thinking mind where to look next.” Notice how you navigate back and forth between the intuitive and logical mind as you surf the pages of this website. Logic helps us organize and assess the forest of information. Intuition ignites the visions and insights that inspire and awaken the highest and best within us.

Both are required to turn your visions into reality, to make your dreams come true.

Intuition is the most potent gift we can all learn to leverage, and one we can learn to tap into and use every day. I hope you catch my enthusiasm and passion so you, too, can cultivate and harness this innate ability in your work and your personal life, and let it guide you to your dreams and goals.

With knowledge, consistent practice, and daily application, you will learn how to access the strength of this quiet yet powerful force within you. You will be living an intuitive life by creating a vision, following a dream, feeling success in your chosen work, having rewarding relationships, understanding your intimate partners and family members, and you will learn to move with ease, grace and confidence through the turbulent and exciting world of opportunity that is all around you.

Enjoy your discoveries!

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