I hear from people every day who have lost their spark, their passion, their connection to their deeper yearnings and longings. They’ve lost their vision for their life. They are longing for a reconnection to themselves at the SOUL LEVEL… They are seeking something deeper, more profound, than the next accolade, or the next big win.

They are seeking an enlightened path that allows them to walk in integrity with their heart and soul while they make a difference and go after their dreams and desires.

They want to be awakened again and they want to be delighted with life again, in a deeper way.

We are all hungry to live life with more meaning, with greater impact. We are all hungry feel more alive. To be more inspired to take action, to do something meaningful. We want to reconnect with what gives us light, love, passion, and deepen that connection.

Something starts to push on us from the inside out and at the same time, situations and circumstances in our lives become a pressure cooker from the outside in, demanding us to make some changes

Eventually, you can no longer take living the life you’ve been living.

So, what do you do? How can you reignite yourself, to connect back to who and what you are authentically, at the soul level, and allow that to guide you through life?

Our life experiences change us. We are given the opportunity to learn from them. Sometimes these life experiences come in the form of crises, other times in the form of a closure or a transition. All these experiences are what I call the initiations along the path to our Soul. The Soul Journey. To me, this is what A Life of DeLight (or Divine Light), is all about.

It’s a life that is lived from the Soul Level, where we dream with our inner delight maker, discover our heart’s deepest desires and create our life deliberately. We focus on acts of creations that delight us, and delight the world, so we can make the most impact AND make a prosperous, abundant living doing so.

When we let go and allow ourselves to flow from the Soul Level, we are able to live A Life of DeLight. And, as some of the greatest success stories have proven, we become more successful than even our wildest dreams.

I want to ask you several questions over the next several minutes together, and I want you to thoughtfully write down some answers. These answers are going to bring to light some important ideas for you about what it means to create a life that truly delights and excites you to no end.

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