Discover better ways to intuitively innovate.

Isis is one of the most innovative, understanding, heartfelt, and genuine people I know. She got our team focused on intuitive decision making which shifted our team’s focus back on innovative solutions. She spent time listening to each of our team members, thought about what we all said, then brought everyone together in a collaboration zone around intuitive decision making that got us all in agreement and clear on a fantastic strategy. She knows how to pull the very best out of people and give them space to really come out and share their ideas. Now we have a set of fantastic strategies to implement for our company’s ‘most optimal outcomes’. I knew we had fantastic talent, thank you for helping us bring it to the forefront.

Lisa Whistler COO, Hessler Group May 8, 2015

Push your own envelope and intuitively design better ways of working and living.

Isis is a calming yet energizing influence to be around. No matter the problem, it can be solved as she says.

Our research team felt overwhelmed and drained with having to field so many manual inquiries from dozens of other departments that they were bogged down and backlogged. Isis was brought into their department upon my request and in minutes, she isolated the core issue, discovered how the team worked best and solved a challenge we struggled with for years, in a week’s time. She’s collaborative, pushes the envelope, challenges you to try new things and is easy for the most introverted person to talk to.

You can trust she will listen to your people, intuit a simple and elegant way of streamlining processes, making teams more efficient, and happy to do their best work. We have been thrilled with the results.

J. Anderson General Manager, MSN May 8, 2015

Feel delighted about your life, relationships and business again.

Your program provided me with deep insight and personalized guidance. I feel delighted about my business again. Like my business is more closely aligned with my vision. I’m not running around trying to drum up business any longer. You helped me narrow my focus, let go of things that didn’t serve me and now, business is booming.

Dr. Krenner Chiropractor May 8, 2015

Employ an innovative decision framework to develop intuitive solutions.

Having a practical framework for making better decisions based on your work with intuition has helped us create significant results in our business. I had my doubts at first, but I saw how our people opened right up and came forward with remarkable ideas when you worked with them.

Listen to Isis. She combines intuition and practical business savvy with remarkable insights. She helps you cultivate uniquely effective solutions to your challenges. Bottom line: people come together to plan and execute winning strategies at a much higher level when Isis is in the room.

Alex Ronaldo Consultant May 8, 2015

Become deeply inner-guided and stop doubting yourself.

Your insights were very valuable to me. You showed me incredible things I forgot about myself. I came looking for advice, and I came away with a whole new set of skills, options and ideas!

I saw myself, my life, my relationships and my career with new eyes and it was healing.

The best investment I made in myself was coming to you. You gave me back my power to be self-guided and stop doubting myself. Thank you for directing me down the right path. It was scary, but it was the best decision I ever made.

Tina White Sales Manager May 8, 2015

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