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Adored by her audiences, Isis Jade is the perfect match to lead your team, group, or organization to their full potential and engage with their personal power. Using breakthrough techniques, teachings and interactive exercises, Isis will have you astounding yourself with your own intuitive insights.

Isis’ unique talent guides her audience to a transformational realization of the power of their intuition and how they can use it to gain insights, make better decisions, and develop greater ingenuity and creativity.

People come away feeling empowered, reconnected with their hearts, and motivated by an inner fire to create shifts. Using her own story of personal transformation and success, she will share with you simple strategies to using intuition in powerful ways to creating the life and experience you desire.



Discover better ways to intuitively innovate.

Isis is one of the most innovative, understanding, heartfelt, and genuine people I know. She got our team focused on intuitive decision making which shifted our team’s focus back on innovative solutions. She spent time listening to each of our team members, thought about what we all said, then brought everyone together in a collaboration zone around intuitive decision making that got us all in agreement and clear on a fantastic strategy. She knows how to pull the very best out of people and give them space to really come out and share their ideas. Now we have a set of fantastic strategies to implement for our company’s ‘most optimal outcomes’. I knew we had fantastic talent, thank you for helping us bring it to the forefront.

Lisa Whistler COO, Hessler Group

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You Will Walk Away With These Secrets to Using Your Intuition for Lasting Success:

  • How to connect with your inner power and innate knowing to face the obstacles and make the tough decisions that trip you up the most.
  • How to transform self-doubt, criticism, judgement,negative emotions, beliefs and experiences into a powerful foundation for success
  • How to put your intuition into immediate action to uplevel and create More Optimal Results & Experiences (MORE) in all areas of your life.
  • The secret to what really gets someone to want to get to know you, like you, respect you and want to work with you
  • How to connect and become fully self-expressed, embodied, and empowered to receive everything you are.

If you are looking for a speaker that everyone will be talking about in the future then look no further. Intuition Success™ Coach and former Fortune 500 business strategist, Isis Jade brings over 20 years of practical experience in life, business, finances and relationships while providing intuitive insights that will leave everyone asking for more.

Isis uses some surprising techniques along with her vibrant, colorful personality to engage your audience and share life changing information that opens minds and hearts alike.

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