I teach people how to activate the Secret Universal Law of Delight in order to effortlessly make our dreams and desires come true.

I’ve used my intuitive gifts to quietly build dreams in Vegas, drive an open-source initiative in the Silicon Valley, and negotiate with VC firms in the world to bring dreams to life. I’ve worked on some of the most prominent brands in the world to delight their partners, customers and investors while bringing a new level of innovation to their companies. I’ve built many dreams and I’ve inspired many to go after their dreams.

I’ve launched several dreams and while some have succeeded, others have indeed, failed. The one thing I can be sure I’ve learned is how to take a seemingly impossible dream (be it completing the world’s tallest observation deck or helping to create a movement in software) and bring it to life while delighting the world with it.

Today, I decided to open up a bit more and share some of my insights with you. There are blank pages in this guide for you to take some notes while you listen to the coaching call and read through this support guide.

Your heart’s dreams and desires are the blueprints your soul laid out for you before you were born. They are held protected in your heart, waiting for you to crack open that code and get busy with the most important work of your life. And just what is that work?

Your great work is far less about what you achieve on the outside and far more about who you become on the inside. This is why working from a basis of Intuition is both transformational and enlightening

Without our heart’s desires and dreams… all we have is a cold harshness of what we believe to be our reality. Now, while a concept of reality is important to have, it’s not the end-all be all to life. While we need to know where we are right here and now, we also need to have a dream that challenges us, expands us and grows us into new versions of ourselves. This empowers us to create a strategy for where we want to go in our lives.

In most life coaching, people focus on the concrete hard facts… but they often forget one key component to why we dream at all… which is what can sort of trip us up along the path. We’ll be covering more tomorrow.

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