Intuition Success™ Consultations

Intuition Success™ Consultations

Isis Jade, Business Intuitive, Catalyst, and Strategist is one of the world’s leading global experts in field of Intuition, Innovation, Energy of Business, Money & Relationships and Empowering People to get unstuck for good.

Don’t be held back by the invisible ceiling on your success. You can break through and its easier than you think.

With swift precision and uncanny insight, she delivers spot-on diagnoses that result in the most optimal results and experiences… providing her clients with powerful solutions in any area of life that leads to unprecedented measurable, tangible results.

Issues that may perplex linear thinkers, experts and consultants for years, Isis sees into the core with lightning speed and accuracy, saving the people their precious time, energy, delivering profitability and ROI thousands of times over.

She specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, executives, coaches and consultants to “think different”, gain immediate insight, and solve the challenges that keep you up late at night.

People report that by working with Isis, they achieve more in one month than they’ve achieved in 5 years.

If you are successful and seasoned, but something’s still nagging at you late at night or something has caught you in a real snag, read on.

You know this isn’t all there is. You know you aren’t living up to your full potential. Maybe you have been secretly sabotaging yourself in more than one way. Even more, you know you need to contribute to the world at your highest level. You ask yourself what brings you the greatest joy, delight and meaning. You are reevaluating what really matters. And in your quiet moments, you wonder if you’ve really done what you came here to do with your life. You want insight. You want a shift. A Breakthrough.

You feel stuck at your current level and are frustrated with your results. Maybe your business model is a monster you are constantly feeding. Perhaps relationships or other areas of life are not working the way you envisioned and you feel burned out trying to do it all.

 You are ready to make a quantum shift


To inquire about scheduling a one-hour consultation with Isis Jade or if you are ready to begin and dive into investing in Intuition Success™ Accelerator consulting and coaching retainer fill out this application today.

PLEASE NOTE: Isis Jade is very selective about who she works with.  If you have not figured out what’s got you snagged or why you aren’t generating the results you believe you are capable…yet, reach out and apply for your breakthrough strategy call today.

Intuition Success™ specializes in:

  • Business, Relationship & Life Insight
  • Digging Deep to Soar Higher
  • Creating Most Optimal Results & Experiences
  • Identifying Repetitive Patterns, Broken Systems, Defunct Processes
  • Identifying Immediate Solutions
  • Resolution of Internal Conflicts to Release External Conflicts
  • Leaning Into Resistance to Release Blocks
  • Releasing FEAR and Embracing More Optimal Outcomes.
  • Raising Your Inner Success Set-Point
  • Mastering Intuition & Gaining Reliable Epiphanies
  • Serving @ Your Highest Level
  • Innovations & Rapid Acceleration
  • Mastermind Think Tanks
  • Intervention and Shift
  • Clearing Self-Sabotaging Patterns
  • Discover Your Highest Level of Service & Potential
  • Partnership Hangups & Under-performing Relationships
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Asking More Beautiful Questions to Get @ The Heart of the Real Issues


Every year, I only take a handful of people to mentor one-on-one.  At the end of our breakthrough session, if we both agree there is alignment to working together,  I will share with you the options I have available to support you.

Imagine a life and business that is truly in full alignment to bring the highest possible success while remaining in deep integrity with who and what you are.

What you need to know:  I am detached from any specific direction. There won’t be any heavy-handed sales or pushy closes.  I seek the highest and most optimal outcome to be served through our connection and my supporting you along this incredible journey.

Isis taught me how to focus on manifesting the clients I am meant to serve and serve them at my highest and best level.   Before working with Isis, I used to take any client who would work with me. I was struggling to maintain my passion for law because the money wasn’t coming in and the clients I had were needy, selfish, slow to pay and difficult to work with.

At first the idea of “delighting myself with my business & life” and “trust your inner guidance” was beyond me. I thought it was fluff. But I realized Isis has savvy and an insight into life, relationships and business at a level I had not experienced before. What I did know is what I was doing wasn’t working. So, I took a chance and began working with her.

Since working with Isis,  I shifted my practice focus, got crystal clear on the clients I want to work with, doubled my practice, added two new people to my legal team and I am freed up to enjoy my life. Isis, your depth, honesty, willingness to keep me focused and in my center of power has given me back my joy for life, abundance and rekindled my passion! Thank you!

Janet Moreno


Since I started working with Isis, my business is growing faster and stronger than I planned, and I am manifesting a waiting list of new clients every week. I went from less than $500 a month from a “hobby” to a steady six figure income by tapping into my highest and best skills and targeting my divine right clients! I didn’t realize what I had to offer the world until Isis pointed it out to me.

I decided to quit my full-time job and follow my dream of being completely self-employed, thanks to Isis.

Six months into working with Isis, I have learned to trust my intuition and I learned to believe the entire Universe is designed to create my most optimal outcome. I am developing heart-based sales conversations and delighting my perfect clients with my work! I have tripled my income, I work less and find I have more time to travel and thoroughly enjoy my life. The past few months have really been a life-changing experience for me. I now believe that anything is possible.

Joanna Collins

Business Strategist

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