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Lesson 6 — Develop Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

Developing Deeper, More Meaningful  Relationships

2-develop-positive-thoughtWhile using your intuition helps you make quicker, more inspired decisions, it can also empower you in your relationships with others.

Intuition can help you connect with another person more deeply and see the energy flow in the relationship more clearly.

Intuition is particularly important when you’re dealing with relationship challenges or intimacy issues, because intuition helps you sort through the clutter and noise, so you can get to the heart of what both you and the other person truly needs to thrive.

Past lessons:


Relationships are a wonderful part of being here, now.


We nurture and treasure them. We desire to love and be loved.

Most intuition training is focusing on how to “listen” to avoid being hurt, but the truth is, all relationships can benefit from becoming more in tune and in touch with yourself.

By tuning into your intuition you are allowing not only your relationships, but every aspect of your life to be deeply enhanced. Being in touch with your intuition, your judgment expands, as well as your inner wisdom. It will allow you to listen to other people better, sense what they need, and how you can best serve in your relationship with them. Intuition also closes the communication gaps that so often occur when a relationship becomes stressed or tense. By learning to relax and go within, you can draw upon being in the present space, without judgement.

The true power of intuition manifests when we learn to use it to guide our moment-to-moment decisions and actions and to move more effectively through our day-to-day life and relationships with other people.

in our relationships, our intuition can help us to understand another person’s feelings and needs, give us tools to communicate with empathy ad clarity, gain another emotional perspective, replace reactivity with patience and compassion, and possibly make known a hidden agenda, secrets, lies or commitment issues.

At work our intuition can signal us as to the best time to approach a supervisor about a pay increase or a promotion. It can guide us to resolving difficult disputes by keeping us grounded, centered, and aware. When we operate our relationships from this place we can set clear boundaries while fostering true authentic, heart-based space, vulnerability and intimacy with another person, no matter if they are a loved one, a client, a boss, or a stranger.

Learning to deepen our relationship with ourselves by developing this inner trust and respect for our intuition, leads us to making better decisions in relationship with others. We are less likely to overreact, we are less likely to be triggered, we are less likely to be fooled or pulled into dramas, lies or scams.

We sense when things are amiss in our relationships with others.


Have you ever sensed that a person was angry with you or disliked you without them or anyone else having given you any verbal or non-verbal information whatsoever? Could it be that this information was drawn in by your intuition from their thoughts? Or, from the negative vibrations created by their thoughts? How did you react?

Usually we become distant, uncertain how to deal with it, or we become confrontational, because we are hurting because there is this energy coming from them directed at us. We may feel defensive, uncertain how to react, or alternatively, we overreact trying to fix the problem.

Now let’s reverse this scenario. You are secretly angry with someone and you’re beginning to dislike them intensely. Let’s say this person is in a position of authority over you like a boss, a group leader, or a college professor. You can’t afford to let them know how you really feel. In fact, you must act in just the opposite way. Pick out someone where this applies right now. Have you ever noticed that when your true feelings about them are strongly present in your mind that they are cool and aloof even though you are friendly and engaging?

Their intuition was receiving information from your projected energy maybe even without them being fully aware of it.

Intuition is always in operation in our lives.

img-handWhen we realize this, we can come into a deeper place with an intent and declaration to resolve the relationship issues and invest the right energy into our most optimal outcomes so they can blossom and grow.

At the same time, you may get an intuitive hit that it’s time to let go of a relationship and move on.

Take this example:

You’ve been in a committed romantic relationship for almost two (2) years. Your relationship seems to be moving in a positive direction, your sex life is good, and there are no major problems in either of your lives.

Without getting any information from any person or physical source, and without any noticeable changes in your partner’s behavior, you begin to get a niggling feeling.

You are getting the feeling that your partner is having an affair.

You have no evidence of any kind but you just have a sense.

A few months later you find out that it’s true.

The question is, did you co-create the situation, or did you receive precognition that this was indeed happening?

And yet perhaps the bigger question we have is this:

How do we resolve relationship snafus & get in alignment with manifesting optimal relationships?


I struggled a lot with relationships and being vulnerable with others. I do mean, a lot. I had a real difficult time with interpersonal relationships, partially because I have Asperger’s, and partially because of the PTSD from the severe trauma of being trafficked early in my adulthood.

What I have learned is that by tuning into my intuition, I was better able to resolve relationship issues, and learn to disconnect from relationships that were not good for me.

So here’s your strategy for today’s lesson:

1. Get out of your head

Intuitive relationships aren’t about analyzing, thinking, or deconstructing what they said, didn’t say, did, or didn’t do. Rather, intuitive relationships is about feeling out the situation and trusting that you can find and follow a most optimal solution for your relationship. For me, this means accepting the other person for who they are and enjoying that person as they are, fully.

2. Learn the difference between intuition and overthinking.

I overthink all the time – I used to spend WAY too much time in my head! I over-analyzed everything: my behavior, my partner’s behavior, my reaction, over and over and on and on endlessly.This created a cycle of negativity that created a lot of problems in relationship.

Tune back into your inner guidance, listen to what your heart is telling you. ‘Ask yourself, “what feels right?’

The answer will arise from a peaceful place, not a place of urgency or fear. The right decision in your relationships with anyone is the one that feels lighter and righter (as opposed to heavy, dark, needy, or lifeless).

3. Take a time out of a difficult relationship.

Give yourself the time to tune into you, realign with your higher self and your inner guidance. Practice tantric belly breathing each day. Moving your body many times a day in stretching activities or walking also helps to move the energies through your meridians without becoming stagnant and creating blockages. Assess your emotional energy from a clear space.

3. Connect with the Good & Speak to the Heart without blame.

What do you need to say? What do you need to really listen to? Can you stop reacting and back up to really listen to your inner voice and the other person? What is it you need to hear that you don’t want to know? Is it about how your behavior may be affecting the other person? There may be things you need to resolve within yourself, things you already know in your heart and soul, that you don’t want to admit, accept or believe. Connect with the opportunity to learn something, speak to the good and the gift in that, and speak to the other person’s heart without blaming them or blaming yourself.

4. Gather courage to follow your intuition, set clear boundaries about what is and is not acceptable to you in relationships.

This is the most difficult and important tip for developing intuition in your relationships with others. It’s relatively easy to know your partner is emotionally disconnected, abusive, or unwilling to work on your relationship…but doing something about “what you know for sure” is painful.

Likewise you get a sense that your business partner is secretly cheating you, how do you take a stand for yourself and put an end to it?

What if you were raised with a toxic or abusive family who refuses to resolve their behavior and expects you to bend to their abuses? When do you put an end to the best friend who has been a toxic energy drain for years as she gossips behind your back and sabotages your other friendships?

You can manifest any outcome you desire for your relationships. But the trick in this is to become conscious at a relational level why you manifested the people you have, and what each of these relationships have to teach you.

I am ready to manifest ideal relationships for myself in my life. I am committed to achieving this, today.

Manifest MORE in Relationships Using Your Intuition


Now that you understand how everything comes together to become reality and how your intuition can guide you to developing better, deeper relationships, you know you cannot get something MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences) without manifesting the desire first and investing positive energy into the outcome.

Once you create the wish, and put positive expectations toward it, you will be able to manifest it. In relationship with other people, the focus is on manifesting the most optimal outcome for both parties involved in the relationship.

Only you have the power to make your requests a realityno one else. The simple action of manifesting from within your intuitive creative flow provides unlimited possibility to create the life & the relationships you truly desire — the life and relationships you feel are most optimal for you.

Using your unique, creative flow to manifest your relationships with others from a desire for the most optimal outcome in all ways means that you’ll always make the right choice in relationship. Even if things don’t work out, your flow redirects you toward a better, more optimal relationship that will. It’s the same with any situation. Be it a business relationship or an intimate one.


As an intuitive person, you know that you can co-create your reality, and you don’t always need to know “how” to get something.

Your intuition will always take you in the right direction once your intent is clear and focus is direct.

If you have negative expectations, or FEAR building up, you block your intuition from directing you in the most optimal direction for your life and relationships to flow.

Your intuition wants to guide you, but you need to support it — expect it to work, and let it naturally operate in your highest and best interest.

I am ready to let my intuition guide me to manifesting beautiful relationships with others!

Intuition Activation #6

Great, let’s play!

Manifesting Gifts in Your Relationships

Every relationship you have begins with a flowing, delightful, loving relationship with the Universe & that relationship begins with the healthy relationship you are developing with yourself and your intuition. The more you trust yourself, the more open you become in relationship with all others. Part of being open in relationship to all others is practicing receiving gifts with love, appreciation and gratitude! Everything in your outer life is a match for the vibration of the inner life you maintain. By practicing receiving gifts from the Universe (or from others) you begin opening yourself to receive MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences).

So let’s practice!

  1. Start today by expecting to receive one gift.
  2. Consider anything joyful, positive, or delightful that happens as a gift from a relationship. Perhaps it’s a phone call from your friend who gives you a compliment. Maybe you come home and find a loved one has made dinner for you. It is up to you to determine what your gift is for today.Then, at the end of the day, use a pen and paper to write what gift you received and how it benefits the relationship you have, and put it in a little jar. Show deep, authentic gratitude and appreciation for the gift! We use a gratitude & gift jar with little note cards that we toss into the jar. On a down day, we’ll open up the jar and remember all our gifts and blessings.
  3. On day two, expect two gifts. Just like the day before, stay open to everything coming your way. At the end of day two, record the two gifts you received.
  4. Do the same for day three, making sure to increase the number of expected gifts by one.
  5. Continue to repeat this process for two weeks.
  6. By the end of two weeks, you will receive a total of 105 gifts!

This will help you to remind yourself to stay in a positive, joyful place in regards to all your relationships!

I am ready to jump ahead and fully immerse myself in the program that will reawaken my intuition!

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