Connect To Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success

Lesson 5 — Tap into Unlimited Creativity & Become Truly Influential

Tap into Unlimited Creativity & Become Truly Influential

woman-public-speakingIn this lesson, you will learn what it means to live within your flow — not just the flow, but your own golden spiral of pure creative delight and flow.

Once you are in this increased intuitive state, you can use your internal guide to manifest positive outcomes and experiences in your day-to-day life, tap into unlimited creativity and become truly influential.

It’s one of the best feelings on earth, because you speak authentically, you act with integrity and you operate within alignment of who and what you truly are.

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The Importance of Entering Your Unique Flow


If you can manifest it, you can accomplish it.

We live in a universe that is continually renewing itself and we co-create with that renewal. As a result of our being partners in creation, we have been given the power and ability to manifest any solution we desire for our optimal outcomes out of thin are. This called enacting in partnership, and creating strategic synchronicities that lead you to your most desirable outcome.

Most people do not manifest consciously, responsibly or in cooperation and partnership with Source. Most just give up and surrender, which doesn’t serve the reason why you exist in the first place. The Universe requires infinite variety to sustain life. To surrender fails to allow the Infinite to tap fully into your unique, cooperative abilities and flow through you. It simply enslaves you to something that may be lurking above and beyond you that seeks to usurp your power to enact out of greed or fear.

Instead we must step into our true authentic natures, and hold ourselves with esteem, honor and integrity, holding ourselves as responsible for our outcomes and our results. When we operate cooperatively with the Infinite Source we step into the creative flow of the universe and we strengthen and hone our talents and gifts so when we open ourselves up to the emergence and oneness with the Infinite, it can come through in partnership with us to enact miracles on our behalf.

Manifestation works both positively and negatively.

1378499_10151608004896536_110274484_nIf you manifest that your next work meeting goes well, it will. If you manifest your next family get-together not going smoothly, there is a higher chance it won’t.

The intention & declarations you set  for your future determines the outcome of it.

For example, you can manifest increased success for your future by…

  • Setting bigger goals. Think about what you want to achieve, and then raise the bar a little higher. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you will still accomplish more than you would have if your goals were average. Your intuition helps you find ways to be creative and reach higher goals.
  • Making more money. Unless you have a measurable number, you will not reach the amount you desire. There is a difference between making money to just to get by vs. making money to feed your interests and passions. Your intuition helps you with the latter.
  • Having stronger relationships. If you don’t desire the outcome in a relationship, the relationship will run its course. Using your intuition, you can know what to do — and what to avoid — in all types of relationships. Your sixth sense protects you from unproductive partnerships, and pulls you toward situations and events that are most beneficial for connecting with others.

Because your thoughts and actions begin in your heart & gut, your intuition is the ultimate guide for manifesting a future where you find the most satisfaction.

Your logical mind may want a new shiny object, but your intuition may not concern itself with such things.

Have you ever made a decision you thought was good, but realized later it wasn’t emotionally fulfilling? Perhaps you buy everything to start a new hobby — like painting, golfing, or playing an instrument, only to find out you don’t even enjoy doing those things.

When you learn to live within the unique art of your flow, you will enjoy and understand good experiences, so you can start making the types of decisions that help you most. I call this Your Soul’s Delight.

The flow comes from your authentic soul and what it truly delights innot your small self.


Living within your flow is different from going with the flow, because just going with “a” flow is not enough.

You have to delight in what feels natural, effortless and delightful for you.

When you learn to live in your unique resonating flow of ease and grace, your internal language will not disrupt your journey. You can start to achieve more with your life because the flow of your intuition guides you to MORE and you experience more delight, joy, ease and grace, spontaneously.

Yes! I want to live within MY flow, become truly influential and successful using MY intuition

Tapping Into Your Unique Flow


Another powerful tool in the Intuition for Success™ System that is useful is Tapping Into Your Unique Flow.

Scripting is stating your intentions & declarations in writing and making an even deeper connection with your Inner Guidance. Modeling is modeling the behaviors and habits and beliefs that empower you “as if” you were already who and what you desire for your life. You already are these things because you have a desire for them. In Intuition for Success™ we believe you already are that being, naturally.

You can script on a napkin, on a loose leaf paper, in a notebook or type it up on your computer. & You can model in the comfort and privacy of your room or your car. Before you begin scripting, find a peaceful place where you can tune into the energetic connection that you have with your Intuition.

Take a few deep breaths and determine what is coming up for you – how you are feeling physically, emotionally etc.

When you script you pour out what you need help with, how you want to feel today and what you want to experience today. This is specifically about TODAY. It doesn’t take any more than five or six minutes a day. You can script either first thing in the morning, before you start your day, or as the very last thing you do in the evening before going to sleep (this is to pre-pave tomorrow).

Next spend a few moments in front of a mirror modeling the feelings, words, beliefs, habits, actions and behaviors you prefer.

For example, if you are desiring to manifest a fantastic call with a potential new client

today, you want to imagine and visualize going through the paces that lead up to the client signing up with you. Speak to yourself in the mirror as if you are talking to your potential new client.


Why does scripting & modeling work?

It works because writing your intentions & declarations with a very clear intuitive connection and modeling them out helps you keep your focus on that which you want and how you want to feel while continuing to connect with your inner guidance. Modeling enables you to stabilize the energy of your unique flow deep into your body, so you can act intuitively to manifest the desires you have declared.

Remind yourself to be clear in what YOU DESIRE, not what your family members, your neighbors, or anyone else wants.

Now that you know what you want and how you want to feel, focus more on how you want to FEEL- the ESSENCE of what you want to experience.

When you think about anything – and this is part of the Secret to Energy Mastery – really, when you want something, you want it because it makes you feel a certain way. i.e. I want an extra $2000 because I want to take that vacation with my children and FEEL joyful, connected with them and have fun together.

That’s really what you’re after: the FEELING. If you can focus more on how you want to feel, the essences of WHAT you want to activate in you that day – then you can leave it up to your Inner Guidance to work out the ‘HOW’.

When you identify what (physical & essence) you need help with, it gives you the opportunity to request assistance from your Inner Guidance  and delegate the “how” it happens to your intuition to sort it out.

I’m ready to Script & Model My Most Successful Life! Teach me More!

How to Manifest Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences in Your Flow for Unlimited Influence

Serene woman

If you remain open to the idea that something in your physical world will transpire and will bring all desired outcomes to you and to all others, this gives you the power to create on your terms.

Here’s an example:

You need to bake two dozen cupcakes for your son’s school but you also have a presentation at work. You feel overwhelmed and unsure how you are going to make it all happen. Instead of trying to do it all and be it all, you do the effortless meditation, connect with your Oasis Within and locate your Inner Guidance.

You feel calm and certain in your clear intention and declaration.

You ask for help and support in feeling secure in knowing that it will all work out. You declare “your most optimal outcome: positive assistance for one or both of these projects”. You casually state it would be great if this once you didn’t have to bake them on your own, but you don’t want store-bought cupcakes. Your intuition tells you to go for a walk.

While on your walk you see how beautiful the fall colors are and delight in the magic of the brisk air, the leaves, and the smells. Suddenly, you run into an old acquaintance who mentions that her sister just opened a cupcake shop and would love to reach out into the community somehow.

Rather than tuning into being stressed out, you tuned into your flow and what delighted you in the moment and followed your guidance. Now you have an opportunity to become a truly influential conduit for your acquaintance and her sister! You become an answer to her sister’s request for assistance in being introduced to the community, which manifests an optimal outcome for you to have gourmet cupcakes baked for your son’s school. Now, you have all the time you need to complete your presentation successfully, leaving you energy and space to be an influential individual at work as well as in your community and still be present for your son at school!

This may feel like coincidence or luck, however by simply having recognized the area where you need assistance, asked for support and remained open to receiving it, while delighting in the moment, you manifested synchronicity to produce the most optimal outcome possible.

Of course, let’s not forget a previous tool we learned about MORE.

As you declare your Intentions intuitively, ask for assistance and connect with your Inner Guidance, remember to notice & celebrate what you delight in and desire as well as the MORE you manifested.

Can you feel the power of Scripting & Modeling? It isn’t just about writing words on paper, it is about assessing where you are, connecting with your intuition, and allowing/trusting the opportunities to present themselves.

I’m ready to skip ahead and begin developing my Intuition for Success™ NOW.

Intuition Activation Assignment 5


In this lesson you were given a way to deepen your connection with your Inner Guidance even further through Connecting, Asking, Scripting & Modeling.

Scripting & modeling is not only powerful because it gives you a tangible way to declare your Intentions, and see them in “black and white”, but also because it helps you develop your influential energy that manifests outwardly through:

  • Taking assessment of where you are i.e. what you are feeling emotionally as well as physically.
  • Getting clear about what you want to feel and experience in your day.
  • Connecting with your Inner Guidance and articulating, in writing, the support you need.
  • Being open to receive the inspired ideas and physical answers you seek which may come in the form of opportunities, ideas or meeting the right people who offer to assist you.
  • Raising your vibrational output and moving you a step closer to being in the art of your flow.

Step 1. Let’s Play. For the next 2 days:

  1. Take a moment and note what you desire as an outcome.
  2. Please script the day ahead of you. Remember that you can do this either first thing in the morning (suggestion: you may not even want to get out of bed before you do this) or as the very last thing you do at the end of the day.
  3. Take a few minutes and model in the mirror for yourself a conversation or a desirable outcome. If you don’t want to talk it out loud, visualize it as already happening in your mind.

To review, the steps for scripting are:

  • Before you start thinking of what you want to experience in your day:
  • Take a few moments and a few breaths and see what is coming up for you. For example, you might feel a little tired today, or anxious about all you need to accomplish or even feel sad, overwhelmed etc..
  • Now, think about what you want to feel instead and what you want to experience in your day i.e. “I want to feel calm and assured that whatever tasks I undertake and complete today will be OK” or “I want to feel just a little bit more happy”- a small shift is perfect
  • Then, connect with your Inner Guidance and write down the support you need i.e. “Dear Spirit, today I want to feel a sense of accomplishment and need your support in determining 3 things that I can do in my home to organize it. I don’t know where to start but welcome some inspiration”.
  • Focus on delighting yourself throughout the day.
  • Be open to receiving the inspired thoughts and/or physical answers you seek which may come in the form of opportunities, ideas or meeting the right people who offer to assist you.
  • Model one part of your day you’d like a MORE

As your day progresses, or at the end of your day before you start scripting & modeling for the next day, write down your MORE’s – no matter how small.

On day 3, DO NOT script.

Notice the difference between the 2 days you scripted and the 1 day you did not.

What happened?

How did you feel?

Think about even the most subtle differences, for example: “I was more irritable on the day that I did not script” or “I felt this inexplicable peace, like everything was working” or “Everywhere I went the Universe seemed to conspire to support me – I got a parking space, in an area where I usually don’t”

Remember, there is so much power in simplicity. Have FUN!

I’m ready to tune in and learn how I can make better decisions that bring me MORE for the rest of my life.


Lesson 6 Coming Soon — Develop Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

In your next lesson, you will get the next step in learning hot to work with your intuition. Be sure to complete the assignment in this lesson, and write down your previous and current mistakes. You will use this personal written information to empower you during the rest of the eight lessons.

I am ready to jump ahead and fully immerse myself in the program that will reawaken my intuition!

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