Connect To Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success

Lesson 4: Manifest the Ideal Life & Business of Your Dreams

Manifest the Ideal Life & Business of Your Dreams

matrixuniverseIn this lesson I am inviting you to experience the correlation between your intentions and what you desire to manifest in either your business, career, finances, relationships or other areas of life.

When we wish to live our lives with power, ease and grace intentionally and in connection with what delights our heart and soul, we partner with the Universe and one another on a deliberate level & we support as well as enhance all of our relationships, experiences and decisions through a powerful, intuitive framework.

Do you know that you are manifesting what you experience in your life, all the time?

How you focus your powerful energy makes a big difference in your life. When you partner with your Intuition & Inner Guidance, you manifest powerful situations, experiences and relationships. Living your life in this way can bring enduring transformation for you, your family, your business interactions and the world at large!

A new way of living and being requires a new language and a new way of communicating with the Universe.

After working for decades in the “real world” of business consulting, I know that the more you come from a place of clarity and focus, connected with your higher guidance, inviting your unique brilliance to shine, and letting go of trying to be someone else, you become more empowered and begin to create, build and receive what is meant to be yours. When you are connected with that, you can drop the mask and operate in true collaborative partnership with the Universe to create what delights you.

You begin to manifest the life you dream and desire.

Past lessons:


This is a wonderful way of life!


As you become more and more aware of what I call “Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences” (MORE), you can see those as sign posts that you are in partnership with the Universe, moving in the world with clarity and intention.

  • Do you want to have joyous relationships?
  • Do you want to celebrate being?
  • Do you want to be comfortable with the choices you make?
  • Are you ready to stop comparing yourself to others & stop competing?
  • Are you ready to begin to celebrate your unique gifts and talents as well as celebrate everyone else?

You can and will apply this intuitive system to all areas of your life! You will begin to feel less stressed, enhance your relationships, appreciate all that flows your way and be able to live fully in joy, bliss and delight!

I am supporting entrepreneurs, artists, moms, dads and corporate folks to reach phenomenal success in their lives and in their line of work. I was given this system to share with you. I am excited to share it with you and honored to guide you as you intentionally live and design your life in partnership with the Universe.

The Intuition for Success™ system works whether you are looking to improve a particular aspect of your business, build a business or are looking to improve the quality of your life i.e. joyful relationships, vibrant health, more time for fun with dear ones. It works because it always addresses ALL aspects of your life not just specific categories.

For example, one of my clients was an investor who was worried about funding. He had never done a business plan before, so he started working on one. He began to use some of the tools that are part of the Intuition for Success™ system. And, guess what? He never even had to use his business plan! In 3 months, he had attracted 15 million dollars in funding, seemingly “out of the blue”. In addition, he began to enjoy his life more than ever before.

That’s one of the Universal Principles of Energy at work! And the best part is, ANYONE can use these Universal Principles in a practical, easy way and can learn to “manifest” ANYTHING!

How Using Intuition Creates Success


1. Be in alignment with honor & integrity within yourself.
2. Come from a place of desire, love & delight for the highest and best outcome possible before you take action.

This leads to the successful life & business you desire.

Maybe you feel you want to go to another level in an area of your life, yet are not really sure what you need to do. Certainly a lot of people are talking about the Law of Attraction. You may have heard about it on Oprah or seen it in the movie “The Secret”. Believe it or not, that information isn’t 100% accurate. The the Law of Attraction follows on the heels of The Law of Delight. The Law of Delight is known to ancient Tantric Gurus as “The Master’s Key to the Universe”.  And it is an important ingredient to using your Intuition with alacrity and with success.

USING the Universal Principles in the way they were meant to be used creates visible RESULTS CONSISTENTLY in your life.

And this may not be something you have mastered yet.

You do have the ability to empower yourself to Create the Divine Life & Business of Your Dreams. In fact, everyone has it!

Clear Declarations & Intentions for Manifesting MORE

There are six simple steps for manifesting MORE in your life are:

1. Know & delight in your heart’s desires
2. Intention Setting (having a mission and an Optimal Result in Mind)
3. Creating Strong Clear Declarations (Setting this Grounded into Reality to manifest)
4. Delight in the moment (energy assessment & activation)
5. Taking Inspired Action (Follow and Act on Your Intuition)
6. Delight in the Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences (MORE) that you manifested

Most people taught intention setting are not taught declarations.

There is a subtle distinct difference and we’ll look at three of these steps now.

What is a Declaration

To Declare to make known or state clearly, especially in explicit or formal terms: to declare one’s position in a controversy. announce officially; proclaim: to declare a state of emergency; to declare a winner.3. To state emphatically to show, reveal, or manifest.

The Basics of a Declaration

You have the power, the authority to speak out a thing in your life and expect to see it manifested in the reality of your world. What you decree

you should also declare that is to speak emphatically, make known and clearly state your position upon the matter. In order to both decree and declare a thing and expect to see the manifestation you must know this power exists within you.

By using specific words you can declare and thus manifest a thing into being a part of your reality. This is the active, masculine energetic side of manifestation.

What is an Intention?

An intention establishes a direction for the energy of the experiences you want. I distinguish between declarations, intentions & inspired actions. An intention describes an inner state you want to experience i.e. feeling happy, secure, fulfilled. A declaration is a verbal speaking that thing into being as if it already exists and is true.

An inspired action describes the action you take to manifest your desires i.e. getting your house organized, planning a Birthday party or working in a new field etc.

You set intentions to clarify what you want to accomplish AND what you want to feel. When you can clearly articulate the essence of what you want to experience & feel, you declare it to be true, then your actions naturally align with it. When you set intentions & make declarations, you set energy in motion and set the stage for those intentions to be manifested. Then, you tune into your intuition and guide yourself to the highest and best outcome possible.


Setting Intention & Speaking Declarations


It is important to set your intentions from a place of clarity and presence. You are not just mindlessly saying some words out loud; you are deliberately naming the essence of what you want to experience.


Say you want to “have a conversation about school with your son”. This may lead to feelings or experiences that are not traditionally so good. Your inspired action may be to “have a conversation with your son”. But we need to set a clear intention.

Your inner intention might be to “encourage your son, to empower him to feel he’s moving in the direction of his goals or feel connected with him” or to “feel at peace with how he is approaching school”. Your declaration may be “I am having a beautiful, connected, open, and honest conversation with my son about school.” Next, focus on having a relaxed, delightful conversation, rather than a heavy, hard or difficult conversation.

In most cases, when you intend something it is less about the action itself and more about the feelings associated with it. For help articulating your particular inner intention you can think about how you want to feel and what you want to experience as the most optimal outcome when you take a specific action such as, have a conversation with your son.

I am ready to declare a life of success. Show me how to achieve it, Now!

How Intuitive Declarations, Intentions & Actions Lead To MORE In Life


You need the power of three (Intention, declaration and action) to bring about Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences (MORE). You develop these three things by tuning into and listening to your intuition daily. When you think about how you desire your day to unfold, what you want to experience, you set in motion the expectation of your desires & dreams manifesting.

When you observe your desires manifesting you begin to notice those Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences (MORE) manifesting. You get MORE of what you desire! MORE can be physical (things showing up visibly), mental (ideas,insights, epiphanies or “aha! moments”), or emotional (feelings).

Anything can become MORE.

When you start to notice all of the things that are working, that are feeling great, that are coming together, you can delight yourself fully and really begin activating your empowerment for creating MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences) in your life.

When you are connected to what delights you and focused on your hearts desires, you become empowered to live a Divine Life. You begin to expect to find things to appreciate. You find reasons and opportunities to laugh & be delighted by life.

The only person in charge of your life, your creations, your growth, is you.

The locus of control is always inside you.

  • After you set your intentions, & make a clear and strong declaration, delight in the moment, in your desires manifesting and take inspired action, you create MORE of what you want
  • When you start expecting miracles, they start happening!


Intuition Activation Assignment #4


In this lesson we have had the opportunity to learn about value of Being Empowered to make intuitive decisions, setting intentions and making declarations. I then explained how celebrating Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences (MORE) is your spring board to launch yourself into a space that enables you to create even MORE in your life, intuitively and easily.

So now, let’s PLAY. I call it play because it is simple and fun.

As simple as activation tools are, let me assure you it is extremely powerful and it WORKS.

You can begin to intuitively activate MORE in your life. The first thing to do is to develop the intuitive intention with a clear and strong declaration that connects your hearts desires straight to your intention. You can make intention & declaration a powerful tool for yourself right now.

Step 1: Set an Intuitive Intention

Take a moment and jot down your answer to the following questions…

What is your intention for learning how to use your intuition to create success?

For your intention, you might write something like:

  • I desire to find a way to start making better decisions
  • I want to feel more in tune with myself.
  • I want to feel more certainty and trust in my intuition and inner guidance
  • I want to build a better business to have more
  • I want to have my current interactions with others flow easily in all ways

Step 2: Declare it Out Loud

When you declare something out loud, it creates a vibrational alignment with your senses and with the world around you. It’s like making an energetic withdrawal from your core self, and making a deposit into your physical self to manifest the outcome you speak of.

It is time to manifest your clear intention using a strong declaration by speaking it in the open by using your voice. Through vocalizing, you transfer your internal thoughts and meditations to your external surroundings. You shift the vibrations around you and inside you.

When you use this declaration technique, you are declaring a new way of living and being for yourself. it’s important to not use passive statements. Remember: you are speaking from the heart, so avoid words like…

  • Should…
  • Think…
  • Probably…
  • Maybe…
  • Someday…

These are passive words. They do not represent your internal intuitive guidance.

To use your intuitive ability to the fullest, use phrases like…

  • My higher self says I am not happy with my job.”
  • I declare I am spending more time with my partner whom I love.”
  • I sense the new car I am buying next week feels like the car for me.”
  • I feel like the job I am considering will not provide growth for me even though the money is good.”
  • All my interactions with my coworkers flow easily in all ways and I feel great when I am with them!

Position yourself in safe and private place with this lesson. Do not hold back when you express the voice of your authentic self. Be loud, deliberate, clear, pure. Just remember to let it go, and say whatever you feel out loud.

Speak the words your intuition tells you.

This is an emotional lesson like lesson, so it’s important for you to pace yourself with it. This is about creating confirmation so you can deliberately begin creating MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences) in your life.

Just know that doing this lesson gives you the courage to move forward. Through vocalizing, you will know exactly what has been bothering you for years. It doesn’t matter if you have been in FEAR for years. It’s time to move past limitations and into a space of ease, grace and flow.

Your body feels things before they happen.  This is why your intuition is about feeling & listening and sensing — not thinking. Your intuition is your best friend. It’s always there for you. All you have to do is call it out and allow it to channel wisdom and guidance on your behalf.

Speak to the voice that is pure and limitless — not the voice muddied by ego, fear or limits.

There is no other voice as trustworthy as your intuition. Saying, “yes” to it empowers you, bit by bit.

Step 3: What MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences) do you notice & celebrate in your life?

Examples of MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences)

  • I woke up this morning feeling peaceful.
  • My meeting with …. was so empowering, we organized the fundraising event/conference/get together in half the time we had planned.
  • I laughed and was able to share great ideas with….

Bring your intention & declaration into your mind for a moment.

Over the next 48 hours, repeat your declaration as often as possible and with as much desire, passion, delight and joy as you possibly can. Envision your intention as already existing and delight in it as existing. Whatever you are doing, when you first get up and before you go to sleep, allow that Intention to become part of your conscious thinking pattern. Notice, delight in & celebrate the MORE that happens in your life. That’s it!

I’m ready to learn how I can make better declarations & listen to the Intuitive guidance that brings me MORE for the rest of my life.

Lesson 5 Coming Soon — Tap into Unlimited Creativity & Become Truly Influential

In your next lesson, you will get the next step in learning hot to work with your intuition. Be sure to complete the assignment in this lesson, and write down your previous and current mistakes. You will use this personal written information to empower you during the rest of the eight lessons.

I am ready to jump ahead and fully immerse myself in the program that will reawaken my success at all levels!

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