Connect To Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success

Lesson 3: Step Out of Chaos & Into the Ease of Flow

Stepping Out of Chaos & Into the Ease of Flow

485179_366787393361328_In this lesson, you will develop your skills in Connecting to Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success. You are going to learn some elegant energy management techniques to guide you out of chaos and negative thought cycles and into the ease & grace of Universal Flow. You are also going to learn how to sense out an optimal decision and confirm the intuitive responses you gained.

The takeaway from this lesson is learning to assess and manage your emotion & energies (which took me a lifetime to learn!) will help you develop stronger intuition and make empowered decisions from a space of clarity, ease and flow.

Past lessons:


How to Move From Fear & Chaos to Clarity & Action In Any Situation


Your outcomes tomorrow depend on your situation today. By fully understanding the circumstances you are in — at any given moment — you will have the intuition to help you know where to place your energy.

Imagine how convenient it would be to use your intuition to know how to become more productive. You will complete work projects faster and not be as tired afterward. This would allow you to spend more time with your family and friends.

woman-intuition-378x300Identifying the discomforts in your life leads to knowing exactly where to make a change. You could “plug the leak in your boat,” ensuring you are safe and above water during the rest of your journey.

Becoming aware of life-draining negative emotions & forces is the first step to making changes.

All of this is possible when you get in tune with your intuition as you observe the external influences in your day-to-day life.

There are all kinds of things  — like stress, other people, and events — that apply pressure to your finances, health, and relationships.

Things like…

  • Stressing about if you are making the right decisions for yourself and your family.
  • Overwhelming yourself by saying, “Yes” to too many projects.
  • Worrying about your health, and not taking care of an illness or injury properly.

When we manifest obstacles into reality we aren’t fully aware of the consequences of how we are doing this and this creates chaos in our lives.

Your challenges in life will continue to disrupt the frequency between you and your intuition as you bounce chaotically from one reaction to another without clarity and deliberate focus. This creates interference. Most common interference with our intuition is Fear and Stress.

You now realize there is an inner voice guiding you and you know how to listen to it.



It is now time to bring your attention outward, so you can see things differently from how your brain has been trained to understand the world.

People tell you to be headstrong, forceful and driven to achieve what you want. Or to be extremely helpful and sacrifice yourself endlessly to attempt to build a good reputation with others. However, the only thing you truly need – the only real strength given to you lies within your choice to be inner guided through life, rather than being affected by outside circumstances.

By feeling out and noticing your environment, you will know how to readjust and recalibrate your energy and your focus around any given situation to transform it to manifesting MORE (Miraculous, Optimal Results & Experiences).

This means you feel less stress over family and personal decisions, less overwhelmed at work, and more focused on treating yourself like a divine being that deserves your love, your care, and your thoughts first.

All of this is possible when you learn to allow your intuition to guide you through life. Learning our framework to use Intuition to focus on MORE works by feeling out what is the most optimal and best decision for you. And what is best and most optimal for you, ultimately is what is best and most optimal for everyone else.


How to Recognize Your Body’s Intuitions About “Vibes”


We’ve mostly learned to draw conclusions from surface data, reason and logic: for example if a person, decisions or situation adds up for us from a logic standpoint, we make a choice based on the logic in front of us.

Yet, going back to last lesson’s example, it all adds up and you really need the money, but there’s still something niggling at you.

Something is not quite “right”, even though on paper it makes logical sense.

Our intuition flows from a far deeper channel into our lives than through surface information, data, reason and logic; to really make it work for you, other ingredients must be considered such as what you are feeling.

That means you need to understand the difference between what a “positive” vibe and a “negative” vibe feels like, so you understand what has you on guard, even when there’s no other “logic” to support the “feeling” you have about a situation or decision.

Here is a general guideline around tuning into intuitive guidance.

You can use this checklist at a first meeting, to troubleshoot problems if you’re already involved, or to weigh “opportunities.”

Also, feel free to add to it. Being an intuitive, I know that a signature energy always accompanies situations or people.

Remember Eeyore? That funny gray donkey from Winny the Pooh who seemed to have a gray cloud hanging close his head? His other friends saw it, bu were always there to support him and help him through his troubling situations. His thoughts about life frequently got him into trouble.

However, in real life, sometimes the “gray” cloud in someone’s field becomes very discordant and darkens to stormy energy that indicates there is something more going on there than simple depression. It may mean that for us, this may indicate possible trouble ahead.

When we teach ourselves to gravitate towards brightness and a positive intuitive “click” your soul will sing and your heart will affirm. Tuning into vibes take a few quiet moments to broaden your awareness and slip into a noticing and sensing mode rather than an intellectual analysis.

Look for these signs to determine your sense of attraction:

Positive Intuitions About Relationships or Situations

  • a feeling of comforting familiarity or brightness; you may sense you’ve known the person before, as with a positive sense of deja-vu.
  • you breathe easier, chest and shoulders are relaxed, heart feels open (not protected) gut is calm.
  • you feel stretched gently or opened up in new ways and while it feels momentarily uncomfortable, scary for a moment or unnerving, it still feels as if the situation or person is expanding your life and opportunities rather than constricting them.
  • you find yourself leaning forward in a desire to connect, not defensively crossing your arms or edging away to keep a distance.
  • you feel in a space of safety and trust. Something feels bright, joyous, delightful, peaceful, energized, expansive, or alive.
  • you’re at ease with a person. Within conversations, within their presence, their energy, and with their touch whether a hand shake, hug, or during intimacy.
  • Negative Intuitions About Relationships or Situations

  • a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach or increased stomach acid which may prompt an unpalatable deja-vu.
  • your skin starts crawling, you’re jumpy, anxious, on high alert, you instinctively withdraw if touched.
  • you feel unnerved (not simply uncomfortable) but truly disoriented and disconnected from yourself.
  • shoulder muscles are in knots, chest area or throat constricts; you notice aggravated aches or pains.
  • the hair on the back of your neck creepily stands on end.
  • a sense of malaise, darkness, pressure, agitation, or being drained.
  • a sense of wanting to keep distance between yourself and the situation or person.

    uncertaintyNow, some of these senses can be triggered as impulses even when the situation or person is generally safe, due to previous trauma and associations that your unconscious mind has now labeled as unsafe.

    In that situation, this is false evidence appearing real – or FEAR – rather than a true intuitive instinct.

    The nest step if you aren’t sure, is to clear your field and gain confirmation. You can gain confirmation through muscle checking, dowsing, divining, or connecting with an intuitive person you know and trust and ask for “confirmation”.

    Intuition guides you to decide and act from a higher level of awareness, not fear-based impulses simply because you are uncomfortable.

    Intuition is wisdom that points you towards positive outcomes and MORE in your life, it does not operate functionally in low level fears, anxieties, self-doubts and stresses. This is where chaos and confusion often arises for people when they first begin to tune into their intuition.

    Yes! I am ready for advanced training about how to listen to my intuition rather than my fear!

    Assessing Our Emotions & Energy


    This is one of the most exciting things to share with people like you who desire a life of success, ease and joy expressed intuitively.

    You may have believed that results are based solely on the actions you take, or that you are at the mercy of the outside world. That you really have very little to say about it. Because of this, you might end up feeling depressed and alone.

    According to WebMD, approximately 19 million adults in the US suffer from major depressive disorders. The number of people who feel depressed at some point in their lifetime is much higher, but not included in this statistic because they don’t meet the criteria for major depressive disorders.

    What causes depression to be so prevalent? Well, depression is about feeling disempowered.

    The good news is that becoming more intuitive helps move you toward becoming more empowered & far less depressed!

    Your thoughts and emotions produce a vibrational frequency. This energy will connect with other “like” or similar energies. You can use this energy frequency to significantly impact your life. Since as we discovered previously, everyone is connected telepathically through our non-local field of consciousness, you need to better understand that how you focus your thoughts and feelings makes a BIG difference in your results, your decision making, and your intuition in general.

    How You Learned to Look at Life:


    You grew up hearing from your family and the world around you a sort of collective “group think”. It is how you learned to look at life.

    You’ve heard, for example, that having a successful life partnership is really “hard” and very few people get to experience this.

    You may have heard that you have to sacrifice yourself and your desires in order to make your life partner happy.

    Or that following your passion, exploring those thing that have meaning for you, are whims and impractical and don’t result in money, success or stability.

    Or maybe you were raised to be “practical and realistic”.

    Or that you need to seek “permission” to be who you are authentically or do something that makes you truly happy.

    You may not realize that beliefs like these are bringing you more of the experiences that you don’t want. Thoughts are energetic signals. Whenever you think, “I can’t get out of this rut” or “I never have enough time” you are demonstrating limiting energy beliefs and you get more and more frustration, conflict and uncertainty.

    You unconsciously perpetuate these limiting beliefs by the actions you take or don’t take. Please STOP. You can choose the thoughts you have and bring in more of what you desire to experience i.e. peace, joy, harmony, ease etc..

    It’s time to learn how to maximize my intuition for success in my life!

    What Keeps You From Your Dreams

    necker-island1Are you tarnishing your dreams & desires with your limiting beliefs about what you “think” you can achieve, deserve or are worth?

    When we talk about going after our heart’s dreams and our biggest desires and we talk about getting paid to do what we love, people shrink back, they get very weird about this, especially when their gifts are spiritually oriented or psychically oriented, creative or artistically oriented.

    Many of these dreams and gifts come with them a higher calling, a higher purpose and most of us shrink away from that, because we hold it as something beyond us, something greater or bigger than ourselves.

    One client of mine has really struggled with the idea of how to ask for money for her natural born gifts and talents. Spiritually she was raised to see her gifts and talents as something she should use for higher purpose, higher calling, but not to make money off them.

    She’s associated money as worldly and something dirty and her gifts as something higher and otherworldly. She doesn’t wish to tarnish them with the identification of money. So, we asked for intuitive support to guide her to a better association.

    Negative Energy Creates Chaos in Life.

    no-negative-thinking-blackboardFor example, going back to the job example, maybe you’ve created qualifiers and judgments in your mind about money that is clouding your intuition about the job.

    You need the money, so you have to take the job, right?

    What our society has done is put money on a pedestal as representing something more than it really is. Money is just a tool that represents the energy of abundance. A tool we can learn to use for good or ill. It’s like a baseball bat or a frying pan. These are all just tools. We can use any tool for good or for ill.

    It’s our choice.

    If we use the tool as its intended to be used, to facilitate energetic transactions in the material world for the highest and most optimal good of all, we cannot help but be in alignment with our soul’s vision and mission for our lives.

    Intuition is just another tool for you to use to get you there faster.

    Most people compromise their dreams and desires down into something that is “realistic” or based on what they believe they are worthy of, what feels “comfortable” to them or based on what they have in their bank account. in order for our intuition to act most efficiently, we cannot be “realistic or caught up in the drama of chaos”.

    Here’s what you have to understand, if you project your worst nightmares and fears into your decision making process, you pervert them and you infect them with a plague. A plague I call Negative Energy Addiction.

    Some of these fears might be:

    • “What if I cannot make a living doing what I love to do?”
    • “What if I am going to starve?”
    • “What if I cannot survive?”

    It’s those “but what ifs” that infect our heart and start to compromise our intuition.  When we infect ourselves with these bits of negative energy, then what happens is this: we are moving towards our dreams and desires, we end up moving towards our worst fears and nightmares. We create our own reality. This is what’s known as “garbage in, garbage out”

    What you have to be willing to do is slow down, knock on the door of your heart and be ready when it swings open wide for you to offer you up the real answers.

    I am done with false evidence and garbage in garbage out. I am ready for advanced training to succeed in life!

    How to Shift Any Situation Now.


    I know about moving beyond a past that haunts you or that cripples you. I had been held as a slave by a drug and human  trafficker for a period of time in my early twenties. I was raped, drugged, tortured, and was nearly killed on several occasions. I managed to escape and began the reclamation of my life. It’s taken me a long time, but I am here and I could not have done it without my loved ones, healers and guides who stood by me through the dark nights of my soul.

    You are not alone in this. You can begin to move past the past, no matter what may have held you back… by embracing this moment now. We are all overcome by self-doubt and fears, but its what you ask yourself while you are in that period that makes tall he difference between transforming yourself into a deliberate creator or a victim.

    Whenever I find myself spending time in the shadows of the dark nights of my soul, I ask myself a few key questions. Sometimes the answers aren’t what I want to hear.

    Sometimes, we are so afraid of the pain our answers may bring us, the pain we need to walk through to become who we’ve always meant to be, we end up avoiding these questions at all cost. This causes us to live a life of mediocrity. Sometimes the answers lead us into a complete deconstruction of ourselves and what we always believed about ourselves and what we can achieve.

    Vibrational Output


    “Vibrational Output” is a term used to explain more about how your thoughts and feelings can impact your intuitive responses and subsequently, your results.

    A thought pattern is just something you think over and over. The interesting thing is how thoughts about your life like, “Life is hard” or “I don’t know where to start to make the changes I want”, have other thoughts attached.

    These thoughts cause you to start telling yourself a story:

    • “Life is hard, so why bother”.
    • “Nobody appreciates what I do so I am going to not do anything”.

    Or, maybe this sounds familiar

    • “My siblings will never get me”.

    Trains of these thoughts connect and form these stories you tell yourself. These are “What If” stories.

    Your “What If” Stories become Energetic imprints. Your “What If” stories are where you’ll discover your limiting beliefs. They tell you both about your past and your fears of the future. These things can cause chaos if you aren’t careful about separating from your authentic soul and the real intuitive guidance that comes from within.

    Your “What If” stories are an Energy imprint that you carry in your cells. It is not your soul’s TRUE Blueprint.  It will make a world of difference for you when you recognize that these stories exist within each of us. These “What If” stories often hold us back from manifesting the amazing life that is waiting to unfold!

    Intuition Activation Exercise 3


    Take a moment now and write down all the things you worry about, are stressed about, are anxious about regarding a decision you have to make. Write them in the “what if” questions. Refer back to your first exercise for support.

    • What bothers you?
    • What do you worry about?
    • What keeps you up at night?
    • What are you afraid could happen?

    These are your “What If” stories. You can go back through lesson 1 exercise to see where these threads lay in your past if you need to.

    Now think about how that all feels inside your body. Really discordant? Doesn’t feel good?

    The Difference Between a Story and a Real Intuitive Response

    Remember those negative “vibes” we talked about earlier? When you have an emotion like fear and when you think something about it – whether it is true, or you are just thinking of it – your mind can’t tell the difference. This is called a trigger.

    A trigger is not an intuitive response. A trigger is a physical and mental impulse.

    Your mind doesn’t know whether something is real or not. You actually think a fear is real, so you feel those emotions and you feel those vibes. Your body senses these things and magnifies them.

    In addition, as you’re feeling, you are sending out an energy signal. The feelings actually create the energy signal. That is “vibrational output”. This is not sending a clear vibrational message or signal to give you the clear intuition and decision making ability you need. Now this is different from a true “something is just plain wrong about this situation” and you are second guessing yourself due to your distrust about your intuition.

    This is really about learning to sense where you are getting the information from.

    Exercise 2:

    Take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment then open them up and look at these two photos.


    What does your intuition saying about these two people?

    Do they know each other?

    Is the girl happy? Sad? Depressed? Content?

    What about the young man?

    What does this image tell you about him?

    Is he dangerous?

    Is he a hooligan or a gang member?

    Is he a thief, is he frustrated with his life?

    We’ll come back to this in a moment.

    Now, let’s say you are worried about ending a relationship. You can’t sleep. You wake up at night worrying. The signal or the energy you are sending out is: “I am scared about ending my relationship. What if I cannot survive on my own?” You will then be given impulses and triggers that match up with situations to help you validate your story as to why you cannot end a relationship (rather than what you want to create).

    This is how our mythologies and our stories trigger us to manifest FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and how it begins to affect both your intuition and your decision making abilities.

    This is not objective intuitive information you receive. This is chaotic energy caused by worry, anxiety and FEAR.

    Go back to the images above before reading below.

    Did you react to their facial expressions and body language, or the energy conveyed beneath?

    Are you getting a real intuitive hit or is it false evidence appearing as real (FEAR)?

    Here are the results: The girl in the image above is a doctoral candidate and a speaker for a non-profit organization. She is connected deeply in her life to her mission. She is generally pretty content. The young man is a blogger, model and actor who travels the world. He donates time, money and energy to a variety of charities. He’s driven by his vision for a connected, compassionate world. No. They don’t know each other. They have never met.

    How close did you get?

    Bottom line, it’s not always the image projected to you, but the energy flowing outwards from behind the image we want to tap into.

    Wow! I learned something powerful today! I am ready to drop the fear and chaos. I am ready for a shift in my life!

    Shifting out of Fear and Into the Flow of Ease & Grace


    You make a small shift when you start acknowledging what you are afraid of.

    This small shift is very powerful.

    When you recognize what you have activated in you (the stories) and you just let them exist as they are (just stories) without investing in false evidence (FEAR) – you alter the vibrational output. Then, by focusing more on what you want to feel and what you want to achieve, you start to shift that vibrational output even more as you begin the process of managing change.

    This is the active part of shifting your awareness to be more inner guided and more intuitive in your decision making.

    An Energy Assessment Chart is an extremely effective tool to check in with your given topic or issue. It gives you an overall perspective of what makes up your beliefs and your patterns and what you currently have activated in your life. It’s one of the tools I provide in my Intuition for Success™ program.

    Once you implement some of these elements I am coaching you on today, you’ll be able to change those beliefs and patterns that don’t serve you. You’ll be able to change your vibrational output. You’ll be able to develop deep intuition, making clear choices and decisions that attract the people, circumstances and situations that are more in alignment with what you want!

    The Golden Spiral of Creation

    golden-spiral08egg-golden-spiralspiral-plant rose-golden-spiral     spiral-galaxy-messimer

    The “art of flow” or “in the zone” where you are at your best and most creative is known by ancient tantric gurus who followed the Vamachara path as the Golden Spiral of Delight, Ecstasy and Creation.

    To mathematicians it’s known as the Golden Ratio, or the Golden Mean. And it is present in every area of the Universe, at the physical, the chemical and yes at the quantum neutrino level.

    The Golden Ratio or Golden Spiral of Creation follows a very specific mathematical sequence, known as the Fibronacci Sequence.

    My father, a NASA scientist and head of the space shuttle program for over 20 years, once taught me to see the Golden Spiral in everything. He taught me that the Universe is a hologram, and what you project to it, is what is created on your behalf.

    My guru taught me an ancient tantric practice which empowers you to instantly tap into “Infinite Source of Creative Potential” and trigger this golden spiral of creation outwards into your own life. My father called it “Infinite Intelligence” my guru called it “super-consciousness”. It follows a very specific pattern. It is all at once: ART, Magic and SCIENCE.

    This is tapping into that higher vibrational part of non-local consciousness and allowing it to guide you through your life.

    Momentum is essential to the continual cycle of growth and expansion of our entire Universe. Many energetic theorists have demonstrated the powerful momentum of energy as it cycles and spirals through our own energy fields. Energy continually cycles through us and eventually spirals outwards from our center. Using the theory of the Golden Spiral of creation is seen everywhere throughout the Universe and is known in sacred geometry as The Golden Ratio.

    Energetic movement then becomes the doing part of feeling this creative spiral of energy flow through us from our center of being. Energy in Motion itself is condensed into our modern English word, emotion. Tapping into this art of flow is about stepping out of false evidence appearing as real (FEAR), and stepping into your authentic nature.

    The trick is to understand one thing. That DELIGHT is the catalyst for the golden vortex to be created. Your Intuition and the Law of Delight contains your secret key to unlocking this vortex to flow endlessly in your life and allow you to ride it to MORE success than you could have ever hoped for or imagine.

    Yes! I am ready to tap into this Creative Vortex of Flow, Ease & Grace!

    Coming Soon: Lesson 4 – Manifest the Ideal Life & Business of Your Dreams

    In your next lesson, you will strengthen your internal and external connection by practicing best breathing habits. When done correctly, your breaths allow you to let go of stress and anxiety, get more clarity, and reawaken your psychic ability.

    Be sure to complete the steps in this lesson before moving to Lesson 4  Manifest the Ideal Life & Business of Your Dreams. It is important you know how to vocalize your intuition, so you can use your new breathing best practice to the fullest.

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