Connect To Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success

Lesson 2: How to Listen, Trust & Act On Your Intuition


How to Listen, Trust & Act On Your Intuition


In this lesson, you will develop your skills in Connecting to Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success. When you are able to tune into your intuition, you will get answers and guidance specific only to you — and no one else. Remember, your life today is the result of previous choices and reactions to life’s situations, which result in the mistakes we look back on and regret.  Become a better decision maker by tuning into, listening, trusting, & acting on your intuitive impulses.

The takeaway from this lesson is your intuition always knows what is most optimal for you to live your best life.

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Lesson 1: Start Making Better Decisions Now

 Beginning to Connect with Your Intuition


Since you have completed lesson one, you began to listen to your inner voice — your personal IGS (Inner Guidance System) to manifest MORE (Miraculous, Optimal Results & Experiences) in your future. By writing down past mistakes, you made an agreement with your soul or higher self and said…

I know you exist. I started a conversation with you. I want to seek out your guidance.

When you get in tune with your intuitive ability, you can call upon it any time you wish. If you are ever unsure of situations such as…

  • Am I ready for a different career?
  • Why can’t I move forward on my goal?
  • Should I buy or rent a new home?
  • Are my friends truly there for me?
  • Would I be happier in another city, state or even country?
  • Am I participating in any bad habits?
  • How can I develop better health?
  • What can I do to make more money?

…then connecting with your intuition will always give you the answer.

How do you learn to use your intuition for decisions that ultimately shape your life?

I personally was never taught this and the first half of my life was fraught with mistakes as I tried to live up to other people’s expectations and opinions. Through trial and error I  learned how to handle challenging life situations by tapping into and maximizing my intution.

Now, you can too. First, we need to understand how a decision is structured.


The Anatomy of Any Decision


For the sake of this lesson, let’s imagine that you’ve been offered a job and it sounds great but, there’s a tiny niggling of doubt that holds you back from saying yes. You need the money, but there seems to be something under the radar. Now, you are under pressure to reach a decision – what do you do?

How do you make these decisions that affect the rest of your life?

Whatever the decision, there is a way to remove the stress, decipher the doubt and reveal the most optimal decision for you using a simple intuitive decision making framework. Before you begin using your intuition you have to stand in a place of self-awareness and self-trust.


Know & trust yourself

Serene woman

You won’t make a great decision unless you examine what makes you tick and trust yourself enough to listen and feel your own inner guidance. Each of us is different and has a unique set of values and needs that our decisions must satisfy.

 What are your values?

Take a moment to identify your values. Open up a journal or a word document and write down the answers to a few of these questions.

  • What drives you?
  • What motivates you?
  • What excites you?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What do you need to be happy?
  • Is financial security the most important thing to you?
  • Is climbing the corporate ladder and increasing your status an important factor in your overall happiness?
  • Are you motivated by fame and celebrity?
  • Or, is it love and emotional intimacy?
  • Do you need freedom and the call of adventure to be happy?
  • Maybe spiritual growth tops your list?

What does your heart & soul aspire to achieve?

Each of us has a core “vision” for our lives that comes from our soul, which is directly connected to our heart-mind. It is our soul’s vision and our heart’s deepest desires that keeps us yearning for MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences) in life. My vision is to write, publish and teach people how to “create live divine lives & businesses” so that they live up to their full potential.

My mission in life is a very powerful one. Anything I do has to work toward upholding this overarching vision for my life. It’s what I call my Mission I’mPossible.

What’s your vision & mission in life?

Do you have your values, your dreams, your desires and your vision & mission written down yet? Every decision springs from somewhere, and if you are not crystal clear on what you want to create and achieve in your life, then your life will not be deliberate and you’ll keep running from one point of chaos to another, putting out fires left and right. You can get clear on your Mission & Vision in your life right now, today.

Understanding your values, mission and vision puts your decisions within a deliberate creator framework so don’t skip this step. Before you can begin to learn to listen, you have to develop the foundation for trusting yourself. Your values and vision drive integrity in your decision-making process, and thus, creates the trust you need to begin taking your intuition seriously. Your decisions direct the trajectory your life takes. A solid foundation gives you a place to build from. Intuitive decisions are made based off this foundation and will be the structure on which your life is built – in the same way that the skeleton is the framework to the body.

If you want to understand more about hidden motivations that drive our decisions and choices, I recommend reading The Seven Secrets to the Spontaneous Manifestation of Your Heart’s Desires.


Listening & Feeling for Inner Guidance

uncertaintyThe techniques you will receive in the rest of this lesson will teach you how to listen & feel. Before you use your intuition to guide you into a decision, you must fully trust, acknowledge and feel what it is trying to tell you.

Your intuition wants to guide you. All you have to do is listen to it. In this lesson, you will learn how to open yourself up to a connection with your Inner Guidance System (IGS).

Before beginning, know that even though your intuition is an innate skill, there will still be friction. Countless external factors in our outer lives affect our connection to our inner guidance — like unexpected circumstances, stress, and social pressure.This is what I call muddying up the windshield.

dirty_windshieldThese will disturb your connection with your inner guidance. So it’s important to get clear and tune in within.

There will always be other people and media fighting for your focus. Going through this part of this lesson will teach you how to stay in touch with your intuition, no matter what.

It will take time to readjust until you find your true north.

Imagine how the dial of a compass moves around a little before pointing north. Your intuitive senses works the same way. It’s always aligned for what’s best & most optimal for you — it just needs time to re-calibrate based on your direction current.

To reconnect strongly with your intuition, you must have the desire to do so. You have to want to listen & feel out where it is trying to guide you. When you make this commitment to yourself, you are engaging in a new way of relating to yourself.

It’s the beginning of a new way of living and being and trusting yourself & your source of higher guidance, which will begin to remove any external noise muddying up your judgments. You are learning to tap into your source of Infinite Intelligence in the Nonlocal Akashic Field.

Remember: there is a difference between thinking out and feeling through a decision.

  • Thinking occurs in the brain, which is a second component in the thought process.
  • Feeling comes from the heart — your oldest organ and center of your conscious.
Yes! I now fully understand the importance of listening to my intuition, and want to begin advanced training right away.


How to Effectively Feel & Listen to Your Inner Guidance

The next step in developing the most powerful skill you have for your success in life — your intuition — is to prepare your body, mind and soul for a powerful  conversation.

Your intuition is not just a subtle voice. It is a combination of subtle inner dialogue, images, messages, clues, and feelings.  It will not try to overpower you in order for you to feel, see or hear it, because it knows it can best guide you when you choose to tune into its guidance with an intention to receive the highest and most optimal outcome for your life.

To begin, you need to connect to the space of quietness and openness that exists within you. Depending on your daily levels of stress, you may find this part challenging. It’s important to realize that through the calm backdrop of no outside distractions, you will find your clearest inner guidance.

For me personally, I find taking a shower and having an inner dialogue with myself where visions, messages and epiphanies come through like the drops of the miss from the shower head. For others the act of taking a long drive clears their mind and opens them up to channeling this inner guidance.

Opening yourself up to have a loving, trusting conversation with your higher self & source of guidance is easier than you think.


Intuition Activation Assignment 2

Experiment with ways that bring you quiet moments where you can really tune in. Find the one that resonates with you best.

  1. Go for a walk or a hike — without technology. Just a 20-minute walk is enough to tune in to your intuition. It’s of the utmost importance you leave the smartphone in your car or in your home. If you must bring it, turn it off. You don’t want anything distracting you or breaking the conversation you are having with your source of inner guidance.
  2. Take a shower or a bath. Practice relaxing without the distractions of to-do lists. Simply allow the water to wash away the stress and distractions of the day to allow you to focus on what’s happening in your heart and in your body while you  have a dialogue with your higher self. Deep breathing to clear your mind really helps with this.
  3. Relax in a natural setting. The next time you want to sit and reflect on a challenge and “feel it out”, go to the beach or mountain trail. The open environment and natural sounds of the weather, birds, and trees will help you reconnect to your inner guidance and give you a feeling for “what next step” you need to take.
  4. Take a long drive on a quiet road with the music turned off and the window open. As tempting as it may be to play your favorite station on the way to work, try listening to nothing else but the sounds of the wind through your open window. Take a break from the chatter of the radio and tune into yourself.
  5. Practice yoga, dance, Pilates, go for a run, a jog, a swim or other form of exercise. Since intuition stems from the heart  connections to non-local field of consciousness, physical activities that increase your heart rate give nourishment and care to your source of inner guidance. It provides also a release of endorphins that allows your mind to settle down and open up your heart. Any exercise you can do that increases your heart rate, will increase the health and longevity of your intuition.
  6. Give yourself an hour of relaxation before bed. For at least one hour before you sleep, turn off all electronic devices. This includes your smartphone, television, tablet, and anything else that requires electricity. Get out your journal and meditate for a bit or quietly just sit and breathe, then do a little automatic writing.  You will find you sleep deeper and awake in a ready-to-go state.
  7. Do nothing. Yes, it actually is possible to become more productive by doing nothing. Whenever you feel stuck in analysis paralysis or feel desperate to do something (anything) and are scattered or running around putting out fires, that’s your message to take a deep breath and stop. Tune into yourself. Feel what’s really going on.

These are examples of things you can do to prepare yourself to listen, receive messages, vision your optimal outcome and feel out the next right steps.

You may also take advantage of unexpected — yet surprisingly welcoming — pauses throughout your day.

Examples of these include being stuck in…

  • Traffic on the freeway. Normally this would stress you out, but when you are tuned in with your intuition, this is another opportunity for opening an internal dialogue.
  • Line at a store or bank or waiting for an order at the restaurant. You spend an average of 1-2 hours a week waiting in line. Instead of waiting idly, this is a chance for you to tune in to your sixth sense.
  • The office working late on a problem. Your inner guidance can help you overcome obstacles by helping you feel out the best answer for whatever project you are working on. Tackling a problem ‘head on’ leads to you trying to approach everything with logic.


When the Mind Settles Down, You Open Yourself Up to MORE*

 * MORE is my acronym for Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences

Meditation is another way to attain happiness and make you healthier — both physically and mentally. However, rather than doing endless hours of meditating to quiet the mind through sitting in lotus position, there are countless methods and strategies to access intuition through what I call active meditation or tantric belly breathing exercises.

effortless-meditationThrough effortless meditation, your mind begins to settle down and your heat begins to open up. This practice is easy through my approach to Effortless Meditation™, no matter your age, race, background, or social status.

Effortless Meditation™ is a special approach to see things from a higher plane of awareness. When you are in this expanded state of awareness, you have a slow motion, awakened state unlike any other. It is programmed with specific frequencies that are not audible to the ear, but will guide your brain into a deep state to receive intuitive information with ease and grace. I sell this program regularly for $27.

Now, as a bonus for completing lesson one, and getting this far in lesson two, I want to give you TWO strategies to tune into your Intuition right away.

The first is my guided tantric belly breathing technique from my training program called Effortless Meditation™.

To make the most use of it, place yourself in a quiet and calm place and listen to this audio. After going through this exercise, you will be a better state of relaxation and clarity.

Listen to Isis Jade’s training on Tantric Belly Breathing


As an additional bonus for lesson one, I am going to gift you with my Effortless Meditation™ program (value is $27, yours free).  In just 30 minutes, you shall feel far more in balance and connected back to yourself.

Listen to Isis Jade’s training on Effortless Meditation™

Yes, I feel so much better. I wish to receive the rest of the training and get more guidance from Isis Jade.

Lesson 3 Coming Soon — Step Out of Chaos & Into the Ease of Flow

Be sure to complete the step in this lesson before moving to Lesson 3 — Step Out of Chaos & Into the Ease of Flow, which you will receive via email soon.

In your next lesson, you will confirm your rediscovered awareness, you will learn some energy management techniques to guide you out of chaos and negative thought cycles and into the ease & grace of Universal Flow. You will also solidify what you’ve learned, and find out how one simple expression transfers internal dialogue to external action.


I want to advance to the full Intuition for Success™ Program with Isis Jade!

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