Connect To Your Source of Inner Guidance for Lasting Success

Lesson 1- Start Making Better Decisions Now

Start Making Better Decisions Now


In today’s very busy world, we don’t have a lot of time to waste on making decisions. Yet most of our success and  results comes from our ability to make great decisions, act on them and follow through.

Yet, the truth is, most of us struggle to one extent or another with decision making at some level in our lives. It may be in our career, our business, our finances, our health, or our relationships. Whether it is to accept the new job offer, start that new business, get divorced, get married, date someone, make the investment, hire that coach, buy that house, or even down to which approach we should take to improve our health.

If we end up procrastinating about an action we need to take, it’s usually due to the fact we haven’t committed to the decision we need to make. Sometimes, this is due to fear or confidence, or self-belief in our own decision making abilities. 

Maybe you feel overwhelmed or stressed about a decision you need to make. Maybe you feel stymied or stuck. Maybe you are overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Or maybe the options available to you feel like you are choosing between the lesser of two evils. Maybe you are stuck cycling over and over the options in your mind, trapped in endless analysis paralysis. You know you need to get clear. You need to make this decision to move ahead in your life.

Often, this happens because we subconsciously associate pain with an outcome where a similar decision we made in the past went horribly wrong.

We know that in order to experience lasting, powerful success in our lives, we need to be able to uplevel our own decision making skills and abilities. That’s why we take a course like this.  We want to experience an immediate change in our quality of life by applying a new skill set.

Honestly, between you and me, there really isn’t a point to learn to harness a new skill if you can’t begin seeing immediate results in your life. In this lesson, you will understand the power of using your intuition by realizing how it empowers you to make better decisions in all areas of your life.

When you are able to look internally to feel through the options available to you around a decision, you discover you already know what is the most optimal decision for you. Throughout this course you are going to learn how to use your intuition to make better choices using a very practical framework.

You will start seeing immediate positive changes in your personal and professional life.

Before beginning this lesson, I want to ask you to keep an open mind.

You see, making decisions that lead you to experience success in all areas of life is not about thinking about what’s best for you —

It’s about learning how to feel out the best option, then develop the foresight, the confidence and the follow-through to act on the decision that leads to the most optimal outcome – for all involved.


Life is full of decisions.

From when you wake up in the morning to when you go to sleep, you make decisions like:

  • What will I do today and how can I make the most of my time?
  • Am I happy with my marriage? (If you are unmarried — will I ever get married?)
  • Are my investments safe and how will I know?
  • Is my job secure and if not how can I transition into a safer one?
  • What is it I can do for my business that will save me both time and money?

The interesting thing about decisions is that every choice you make affects your life in a variety of ways later on. Even small decisions can make a big impact on your life. Say, for example, choosing a certain outfit can lead to getting a compliment from the person who ends up being a lifelong partner.

Yes, this is an extreme example, but it is possible for it to happen.

However, what most people don’t realize is there is one qualitative yet, enormous component to all the decisions you make throughout your life:


Your Subconscious & Unconscious Mind.


95% of your life and your decisions are driven by subconscious and unconscious parts of your awareness.


The decisions you make today will affect and change the outcome of your life tomorrow.

The difficult part about this is learning to be aware of how your subconscious mind drives most of your decision making for you, without your conscious awareness.

The thing is, if you don’t learn to be aware of how you make your decisions, the wrong decisions could lead you to:

  • wasting or losing out on time, energy, relationships or money
  • investing your heart and love on someone who isn’t good for you
  • losing money on bad investments
  • failing and maybe unable to fix the consequences
  • hurting yourself or someone else
  • be in the wrong career where your skills are wasted
  • be in the wrong company where your contributions won’t be recognized
  • be in the wrong field of study
  • not make the most of your assets and strengths
  • losing out on opportunities or relationships that grow your business
  • be dissatisfied with yourself and your life in countless ways

Many times, making the wrong decisions guides us to learn more about ourselves so we can make better ones in the future.

Being a better decision-maker is just one of the ways you can direct the outcome of your future to more success, joy, happiness, wealth, time, energy and love.

It is possible for you to connect deeply with your own innate decision-making power. It’s called your intuition. Your intuition connects you deeply with something known as infinite awareness or the field of higher consciousness. This becomes an internal dialogue around your life.

Your intuition becomes your guide and is always there for you whenever you need an insight or guidance on the direction or most optimal decision you can make for living your best life.

In this lesson, we’re going to help you connect with your intuition, so you can use it to start making better decisions for a lifetime of success, right now.


Yes! I want to reconnect with my intuition for lasting success and rediscover my personal power to make better decisions!


Your Very Own Inner GPS For Life


First, let’s clear up a huge misunderstanding when it comes to how to make good decisions.

Chances are you make decisions by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is this the right or wrong to do?
  • What will people think about me if I make this choice?
  • What did someone else do in this situation?

It’s completely okay if you make decisions this way.

Most people do.

However, using your head alone is not always the best way to make decisions.

When you use your head, you are using your brain — a muscle that represents only 10% of your conscious mind! This means that if you “think things through,” the energy you are putting into your choice is just 10% of what it could be.

There is a more reliable way to start making decisions that are best for you. It begins with not thinking about what you should do, but instead, feeling what is best for you in the moment.


The truth is, you have more than three minds!



You have an inner navigational tool that acts like a GPS. It connects directly to something I call non-local consciousness, which contains the wisdom of the entire universe. Some people have other names for it, like Source or Spirit, or the Akasha.

Imagine having a navigational tool that had access to every satellite, and every mapping server ever developed. Imagine it had the most accurate, up-to-date, extensive library of detours, work-arounds, accidents and construction zones as well as traffic data, turn by turn directions so you’d never get lost again.

What is Non-local-consciousness?



Your inner navigational tool is exactly like that. It directs you from moment to moment the same way a GPS connects to that non-local set of servers and satellites up in the cloud to directs you turn by turn. You were born with this GPS. I call it your Inner Guidance System (IGS) You still have it today and it never goes away.

Your IGS is internal and it connects to non-local consciousness through heart & gut minds, which are the first of our organs to develop in the womb. The gut & heart mind sends information directly to the executive part of your brain. The heart is the seat of the soul containing information @ the DNA level about our soul’s mission, purpose and our deepest desires. The gut mind drives “gut feeling” or practical sense about a decision.

The first thing to know is you don’t have just 5 or 6 senses.

You have 24 physical senses your body & minds use to make sense of your reality.



All these senses together pick up energetic, chemical and physical information about your world. This is the information used to give you a sense of how things operate in the world around you. However, instinct isn’t just borne of information you collect today, it’s also comprised of all the collective information that exists in the non-local akashic field that has been collected and stored to be used to guide us to our most optimal outcomes in life if we tune in and listen.

The information given to you by the Akashic field of non-local consciousness is collected by our psychic or intuitive senses



Intuition is guided by our picking up on non-local information using our intuitive senses – driven by primarily our heart-mind connection to non-local awareness. It is a part of your decision-making process that fear cannot manipulate. Once you clear the fear and stress away, you gain clarity.

Intuition the most authentic representative of who you really are, because it takes the Seat of the Soul (known as the Heart Mind), and connects it directly to the Non-local Akashic Field of Awareness and passes all this information up to the brain to process. This process cannot be manipulated by fear, no matter how hard your brain tries.

The heart-mind is the oldest part of your body, so it is your most developed part of you. It has direct access to past-life information and data your soul’s record stores within its channels to help you live your best life. These deeply rooted experiences & soul-level memories are all things you can draw from whenever you want.

You also have multiple channels that flow information between yourself and the non-local Akashic Field. Your heart has one of those major channels. Your gut has another. In fact, every chakra in your body contains a channel to collect information and to send information out to the Universe. Each one of these channels are represented by your Intuitive Senses.

You can use your heart & gut as direct channels to this Non-Local Field of Infinite Intelligence as your own personal Inner Guidance System to support and guide you to every possible outcome you desire. This grants you the ability to manifest MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences) wealth, love, relationships, success, and happiness!

Thus, your intuition will take you anywhere you want to go. And most of all, it is most finely tuned into what delights your soul the most in life!

All you have to do is reawaken your natural intuitive & psychic abilities. The lesson below will help get you started.

Yes! I want to turn on my Inner Guidance System and use it to guide me to achieving MORE in life!


Reconnecting With Your Intuitive Decision-Making Power


Today you are taking the first step toward activating and developing the most powerful tool I can give you for making better decisions for your life immediately: your intuition. Once you turn on your intuition, just like a GPS, you will be able to make decisions easily and feel divinely guided to getting miraculous optimal results & experiences (MORE) out of life. Your intuition guides you from moment to moment, making sure you are always making the choices that are most optimal for you.

To start making better decisions, you must first look at decisions you’ve taken that didn’t work out well.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What part of my life is uncomfortable?
  • What choices have I made in my past that resulted in heartache or pain?
  • Am I happy with my job, business, finances, relationships?
  • Does the life I lead fulfill my soul?
  • What choices have I made that were not authentic or in alignment with me?
  • Do I know what my heart’s deepest dreams and desires are?
  • Do I  know what my soul’s mission in life is?
  • Do I know what delights me in my life?

Then quiet down for a moment and listen for guidance, or wait for images. Sometimes information will pop into the mind unbidden, my mind looks blank and then the information is written out for me to read, much like on a blank sheet of paper.

Questions like these allow you to listen to the inner guidance within you that’s been trying to get your attention. It’s trying to guide you back to your most authentic, aligned self.

Creating a desirable path that manifests MORE in your life requires you to look at the path you’ve taken so far.

You cannot change the past, but you can use it to guide you to a new direction.

Your previous mistakes or current discomforts can become strong motivational drivers, as long as you take the time to recognize them for what they are.

Intuition Activation Assignment 1

Take out a pen and paper or open up a word processor or note application and take a deep breath.

Now, write down all of the things that make you unhappy about your life.

Look to your past and contemplate on your biggest mistakes.

This will be emotionally draining for you, so make sure you are in a quiet place where no one bothers you. Afterwards, take a long walk outside or do something to shift the energy because this process is vitally important to shake up stagnated energies.

This exercise causes many people to cry, because they are reawakening deep feelings, forgotten dreams, long-lost desires, and old memories. It is perfectly okay for you to cry during this step. Tears are signs your intuition coming online and you are moving the calcified rusty hinges on an old door to a lost part of you that you may have forgotten about.


The more you write, the more you will start to reconnect with your authentic self and your intuition.

As you remember and record your distresses and heartaches, you’ll find yourself writing down things that you feel are not okay. You’ll start to understand the sensations resulted from previously made decisions. Most people dissociate from the pain of the past. It’s important to stay rooted and strongly connected to your body as your write to sense where the source of pain is rooted so you can begin to shift this energy.

As you continue to write down your past and current negative decisions, remember to take the time to breathe through each one and let them resonate for you. All is well in this moment. Continue to feel out the area of body that is triggered by the memory of the decision or the heartache. This is not time for shifting blame onto other people or creating a sense of victimhood in order to shield you from your own choices. In order to understand why you made the decisions you made, you have to understand the level of awareness you were living in at the time the decision was made. For example, did you make that decision in a moment of anger, depression or fear? Can you see how that decision attracted the consequence?

If you rush through this process, you won’t fully take in the power of your intuition. We are all powerful creators of our reality.

Let this process be a gift. This is a gift for you. One that you deeply invest your time and energy into to get the most out of it.

Becoming aware of your intuition is an exercise in brutal honesty and not one in blame seeking or shifting responsibility of your life onto anyone else, so do not write down things that are not true. The mistakes you are writing down are for your eyes only, so do not hold anything back. Be sincere and write down every bad decision, no matter how deeply painful or personal it may be for you.

This process by itself is a valuable exercise by figuring out exactly what is weighing you down. Even if you do not invest time thinking about your previous errors and misjudgments, they are subconsciously breaking you down, so you will likely feel a sense of relief as you make a note of your mistakes.

With the information you receive in these lessons, you can save yourself money, heartache, loss, and develop your own expertise and intuitive ability to see the world through new eyes.

The world’s greatest achievers all practiced tapping into and honing their intuition — so can you.

This concludes the first lesson in Awakening Your Intuition for Success. You will receive the next steps over the next few days. It’s important for you not to rush and “consume” the lessons. Each lesson is an important step for you to take that will better the rest of your life, so take your time with each one.

Intuition is becoming a deeper topic as we begin understanding its powerful impact on our lives. Every day, there are people who are looking for ways to tap into their intuition to create lasting success. They are looking for teachers, trainers, & coaches. They attend conferences and events for learning how to unlock their own abilities to perceive at a much higher level so they can make smarter decisions more rapidly and with greater outcomes.

It is an exciting moment. The concept of reconnecting with themselves and with one another authentically resonates with so many people because it is our most natural and effortless way to live and be. It is much easier to reconnect with a skill that is innate within you than it is to learn a new one.

I want to make better decisions & live a more authentic life begin by tapping into and using my intuition now.


BONUS TRAINING: Research Shows Your Heart & Gut Are Intuitive Systems


Most people think their thoughts begin in their head. What most people don’t realize is thought originates in the gut & the heart. This is the reason why is thoughts are felt before they are travel to your brain. We have three physical brains in our bodies. The brain in your skull, the gut brain, and the heart brain.

If this all seems strange, it’s because it’s based on new research in electrophysiology — the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues. Watch this video below to learn more

When you think about this research, it helps us make more sense of the world around us.


Morphic Fields & Morphic Resonance


Consider how animals participate in highly intelligent habits even though we believe they don’t have a brain as developed as humans. Have you ever wondered how certain animals can sense changes in nature?

Like how birds migrate? Or how sea life knows how to navigate through the ocean? Animals behave this way because they are in tune with a species-specific biofield that exists within our collective nonlocal akashic field. These biofields are known as morphic fields. They use their senses to navigate, feel, and predict changes in nature based on the specific resonance they pick up in their specific morphic field.

Rupert Sheldrake, renowned Cambridge Biologist, talks about morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to this idea that our Universe is indeed a living, developing entity with its own inherent memory, mind, biology and ever-expanding awareness. The morphic fields of social groups connect together members of a group even when they are many miles apart, and provide channels of communication through which organisms can stay in touch at a distance. They help provide an explanation for telepathy but also for how we develop instinct and collective intuitive responses to situations and choices we face.

We easily forget that we too are animals. Your brain is a powerful part of your body; however, science now tells us your heart is where thoughts originate and we are all interconnected through this collective field of awareness. The benefit of reawakening your heart you’ll have a clearer channel of communication and thought.

Since you were born with this ability, it’s not as hard to learn as a new skill. It’s much easier to relearn something you already know. You connected your feelings to your behaviors as child because the world’s external pressures didn’t get to you overwhelm you like they do today.

You used to rely on your heart more than you do today. It is possible to reestablish that connection.

Once you reconnect, you will have a better understanding of yourself, the world, and all of the millions of decisions throughout your entire life. It will make you happier and more successful, because you have the purest and ultimate thoughts possible.

I’m ready to learn how I can make better decisions that bring me MORE of what I desire for the rest of my life.

Lesson 2 Coming Soon — How to Listen, Trust, Interpret & Act On Your Intuition

In your next lesson, you will get the next step in learning hot to work with your intuition. Be sure to complete the assignment in this lesson, and write down your previous and current mistakes. You will use this personal written information to empower you during the rest of the eight lessons.

I am ready to jump ahead and fully immerse myself in the program that will reawaken my intuition!


Experience the Power of Tuning into Your Most Trustworthy Resource — Your Intuition



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