Here is the Seven Stages to Master Reality Creation with the Golden Spiral of DELIGHT

Dreams & Desires lead us to the

Epiphany of Self-Discovery so we can

Love & Affirm Life for Self and All Others, which

Ignites Our Passion for Personal

Greatness & Grow our Wings, so We Might Soar to New

Heights & Higher Value, Allowing Us to

Transcend, Transform & Transmute all Perceived Limits or Obstacles, so We May

….Dream & Desire more expansive dreams and begin the Spiral of DELIGHT Reality Creation, once more.

Whenever we feel afraid, lost, or stuck, we can look to any one of these stages found along the DELIGHT Spiral to figure out where we are and where need to move next.

When I work with students or clients, I find people have forgotten to consciously love and affirm life for themselves and others, getting caught up in the paradigm of fear, judgment and criticism (which are all life-negating forces) so they lose their momentum to ascend to the stage that ignites passion from within. This is a common stagnation point for many people.

Another stagnation point happens when we hit a barrier out of fear before we’ve touched our personal greatness. These are what I call trigger points which give us an opportunity to grow into our next level or fall into old habits or patterns of defensiveness.

Without acknowledging yourself as being capable of greatness, you cannot spread your wings and soar to transcend, so you run headlong into yourself, over and over again, which sends you backwards, creating self-sabotage that opposes the natural momentum of DeLight, causing pain and suffering in your life.

Each full seven stages of DELIGHT marks one full cycle in our growth. Some spiritual mystics have conceived that there are seven cycles of spiritual expansion, and within these seven cycles are seven stages of growth that challenge us along the way.

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