The “art of flow” or “in the zone” where you are at your best and most creative is known by ancient tantric gurus who followed the Vamachara path as the Golden Spiral of Delight, Ecstasy and Creation. To mathematicians it’s known as the Golden Ratio, or the Golden Mean. And it is present in every area of the Universe, at the physical, the chemical and yes at the quantum neutrino level.

The Golden Ratio or Golden Spiral of Creation follows a very specific mathematical sequence, known as the Fibronacci Sequence.

My father, a NASA scientist and head of the space shuttle program for over 20 years, once taught me to see the Golden Spiral in everything. He taught me that the Universe is a hologram, and what you project to it, is what is created on your behalf.

My guru taught me an ancient tantric practice which empowers you to instantly tap into “Infinite Source of Creative Potential” and trigger this golden spiral of creation outwards into your own life. My father called it “Infinite Intelligence” my guru called it “super-consciousness”. It follows a very specific pattern. It is all at once: ART, Magic and SCIENCE.

Momentum is essential to the continual cycle of growth and expansion of our entire Universe. Many energetic theorists have demonstrated the powerful momentum of energy as it cycles and spirals through our own energy fields. Energy continually cycles through us and eventually spirals outwards from our center. Using the theory of the Golden Spiral of creation is seen everywhere throughout the Universe and is known in sacred geometry as The Golden Ratio.

You’ve seen this manifest in everything.

rose-golden-spiral spiral-plant spiral-galaxy-messimer golden-spiral golden-spiral-of-delight golden_spiral gold-spiral-over-water

abstract fire chaos fire bird on dark background


Energetic movement then becomes the doing part of feeling this creative spiral of energy flow through us from our center of being. Energy in Motion itself is condensed into our modern English word, emotion.

DELIGHT triggers rapid, spontaneous sharing of our energy field and catalyzes massive momentum of creation through feeling this elevated energy-in-motion.

When we experience regular periods of DELIGHT, these experiences catalyzes our momentum to deliberately create and manifest through our life, hastening our ability to achieve our dreams as we elevate through the seven stages of the DELIGHT Spiral itself.

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