Known as the Master’s Law.

It is manifestation on steroids, if you will.

Only in the most esoteric Tantric Teachings passed down verbally from Master to Adept is this Law and all its supreme power revealed.

It is the ultimate principle by which you can effortlessly draw into your life anything that utterly delights you to no end, without concern for your current vibrational state of your mind or body.

In fact, using The Law of DELIGHT, you begin operating your life at the Level of Super-Consciousness or Pure, Soul Level Resonance.

This is the Heart-Mind Feeling/Thought/Emotion/Action Cycles that are guided by the Soul’s Infinite Field of Awareness; rather than our tiny physical mind’s thoughts, feelings, opinions and attitudes.

This is also known as the Universal Shortcut for all you desire. The most powerful attractive and creative force in the Universe is the vibration of DeLight. If you can learn to harmonize yourself with this energy, you will effortlessly manifest all that your heart desires and you will flow in effortlessness, activating all other Universal Laws to operate in harmony with you. Instead of you attempting to harmonize yourself with the Universe, the Universe now, by being attracted to your perpetual DeLight, aligns opportunities, outcomes and synchronicity in alignment with what delights you.

  • The Primary, Secret Universal Law that begets all acts of creation in the Universe.
  • Found in Every sacred text around the world.
  • Far more critical to master than The Law of Attraction because The Law of Attraction FOLLOWS the Law of Delight.
  • Reorders ALL Universal Principles around Your Reality – @ Light Speed.
  • Every sage, philosopher, teacher and prophet has pointed to this secret

Why would the Universe rearrange itself on your behalf? Because the Energy of DeLight is the currency of the Universe. It is the life-force through which all Acts of Creation can manifest most easily.  The Universe will always seek the path of least resistance and it will always seek a way to expand itself. DeLight is so powerful, that when it is shared with other entities throughout the Universe, i’s energy is squared over and over again, providing more abundance for the Universe to operate from.

All you need to do to activate the Law of Delight is gain clarity on what it is your heart truly desires, then focus on what Delights you to make and create using your gifts and talents. Then the next step is to focus on delighting the world around you.

You see, all beings of light are attracted to the life-enhancing energy of DeLight. All entities within this universe find themselves naturally drawn to beings that delight themselves and one another. Delight is so utterly irresistible that the Universe itself cannot help but roll in ecstasy at the feet of who focus on being a DeLight Maker and Creator.

Think of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Robin Williams, just to name a few off the top of my head.

To activate the Law of DeLight, ask yourself: “What is it I delight most in creating, what do I delight most in experiencing, and how can I share that delight with others?”

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