We know that “what’s wrong” is simply a message to go deeper into ourselves, get connected at the soul level and deliberately create from a space of pure resonance of what delights us most.

Delight is a powerful creative force. Not just any creative force. It is the single most powerful force available to us in the Universe. It’s what drives us to create, to make, to do all that we do.

We are all driven by the desire to experience delight. In fact, there’s a secret universal law that I call our divine promise and…

… it’s the only Universal Law that triggers all other laws to activate on our behalf, automatically.

The Law of DELIGHT is a Three-Part Secret Universal Law That Has Existed Since Before the Universe Came Into Being.

This secret divine promise can be found in nearly every sacred text the world over.

Three Parts to The Law of Delight

1. DELIGHT is the Replenishing, Creative Vibrational Force of the Universe.

Delight nourishes and replenishes the Universe unceasingly. Through the power of Delight, the Universe unceasingly creates, grows and expands in order to continue to delight itself with the new.

This means that the more we increase our delight and love by experiencing the delight with our own explorations of the world around us, the more delight we are able to give, share and spread.

2. All Energy Resonates in Harmony with DeLight.

We do not need to worry about constantly monitoring our vibrational state. There is only one state we need to worry about cultivating, and that is the energy of Delight. The energy of Delight is the highest resonating vibrational state we can cultivate and when we are delighted other people around us feels that delight and cannot help but be drawn to our energy.

As we focus on creating a Divine, DelightFULL life unique to us, our delight instantly elevates the vibrational state of the Universe. Why?  Because all energy in our Universe is programmed to automatically match itself to the resonance of Delight. Delight is soul food, nourishing the very heart of Source itself. Just as it nourishes you.

3. Delight Yourself Fully in Life & You Will Be Given Your Heart’s Desires.

The Universe will automatically give us all our heart’s desires as long as we seek to always delight ourselves n life. This is the divine promise given to each and every one of us.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure we live life that delights and excites us in alignment with who and what we are: energetic  beings choosing to involve ourselves in a cooperative, physical experiment to make and create DELIGHT in our own unique way.

A divine life is one that delights us, fulfills us and uplifts us. We weren’t created to pay bills and die. We were created to live a life filled with ecstasy, joy, bliss, purpose, passion and never stop learning or expanding our potential.  When we do this from a state of delight, we render the highest service to all life, while being rewarded boundlessly with our heart’s desires.

All we choose to desire or experience is already ours to receive!

The Law of DELIGHT automatically activates all other Universal Laws to operate for our most optimal outcome. There is no need to struggle, work hard or try to monitor your vibrations endlessly. There is another way, an easier way. A way of ease, grace, divine living, joy, and bliss. You can relax and open up to receive.

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