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Intuition Success™ Self-Study program is a comprehensive program that includes 6 course modules, exercises, and several recorded audio sessions along with powerful bonuses.

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The Intuition Success™ Program provides a thorough ‘how-to’ road map to access and apply your single most valuable skill that you can learn to master for your success and includes step-by-step exercises, techniques and meditations.

I trust you will enjoy the Intuition Success™ Program, and that it will open the doors to true effortless success; success that reflects and expresses your inherent gifts, talents and potential while empowering you to manifest your heart’s deepest wishes and desires.

Summary breakdown of the Intuition Success™ Program:

Intuition Success™ Module 1

Discover & master the secrets of intuition with these unique and profound insights into your most treasured resource. Includes:

Your 4 Primary Intuitive Channels
Prediction versus Creation
Beyond Ego
Your Higher Self
The Power of Asking
Immediate & Non-Immediate Responses
Magic in the Mystery
Old versus New Paradigms
And so much more!

Intuition Success™ Module 2

Discover the ‘how to’ road map to access and implement your intuitive self. Includes:

Foundations for Intuitive Practice
Beginner Exercises
Designated Doorways
Asking for a Sign Technique

Access to the Recorded Meditation Audios
Yes-No Methods of Divination
Up Above Technique
Muscle Testing & Using a Pendulum
Automatic Writing Technique
The Use of Card Decks & Examples

Intuition Success™ Module 3

Unravel the meaning and metaphors inherent in the images, signs, and messages presented in your inner realm (such as via your Intuition Zone practices), and external reality.

How to Decode your Inner & Outer Reality
Over 18 Examples of Message ‘Platforms’ in your External Reality & Everyday Life
How to Designate a Sign in Outer Reality
Why there are No Shoulds

Over 22 Examples & Interpretations of Signs, Symbols & Metaphors
Metaphor Mind-Set Exercise
And much more!!

Intuition Success™ Module 4

The importance of effective questions for leveraging your intuitive self. Includes:

Quality Question Guidelines
Why to Avoid Shoulds Woulds & Coulds

‘Better’ Beware

Frames of Reference
Settings for Yes-No Questions
Open-Ended Questions
Why there is no Perfect Answer
Lots of Examples!

Intuition Success™ Module 5

In the Inner Realm Meditation you will experience an internal landscape and your sacred ‘safe space’ within, from where to engage your intuitive senses and receive insight and guidance.

You will also meet the personification of your Higher Self; the divine essence that you are and highest aspect of your consciousness. You will experience and connect to its energy, receive its & ask questions for guidance.

Intuition Success™ Module 6

In this magical meditation you will receive
3 Gifts of Insight, each from different mediums in your inner realm, offering scope in platforms of communication within to enhance your intuitive capacity.

It includes opening a gift box from your Higher Self with a unique and specific gift for you available each time of listening.

Oasis Within (Meditation)

The Earth Light meditation is a powerful and elegant visualization technique that clears and aligns your energy, heightens your spiritual connection and facilitates grounding.

It serves to cleanse and recharge your chakras and auric field, raise your vibration and open channels of higher awareness.

It is a valuable primer to any intuitive practice to enable greater clarity and receptivity, and also a valuable daily exercise for general clearing, centering and aligning.

Intuition Induction (audio)

In the powerful Release & Integration meditation, you have the opportunity to release that which is encumbering you in your life, and open to receive and integrate that which is most serving to you at this time, be it on physical, mental or emotional levels.

Totally liberating, transforming and empowering!

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