Intuitive Consultations

Business & Personal Intuitive Services + Intuitive Success Strategy = Tangible Re$ults

All services are available by Skype or Phone. All Intuition Success™  Accelerator Consultations include:

  •  Clarity, focus and a clear path to accelerate your success in any area of life
  •   An Intuition Success™ Profile with Your Path Forward
  •  An MP3 digital recording of your consultation

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Intuition Success Accelerator Consultation

1 Hour Intuition Success™  Accelerator Consultation (in-person or by Skype) Includes:

  •    Clarity, focus and a clear path to accelerate your business success!
  •    An Intuition Success™ Accelerator Profile with Your Path Forward
  •    An MP3 digital recording of your consultation

$600 Investment

Intuition Success™ Corporate Retainer

Corporate or Business Monthly Retainer Includes 4 Hours of Intuition Success™ Business Strategy, Process Refinement, Intuitive Gap Analysis, Business Planning, Analysis, Team Building, Intuition Training or Rapid Decision Acceleration Training that can be used in 30 minute or greater increments.

Corporate Retainer Rates start at $1,000 per billable hour.

Learn more about Isis Jade’s Corporate Results, click here.

To apply for this program contact Isis Jade at 408.722.8008 or by email at

Intuition Success™ Accelerator VIP DAY

Spend a full VIP DAY (4-6 hours) with Isis Jade at a luxury retreat in Carmel, CA or virtually via SKYPE or by Phone to accelerate your results in any area of life:

  • ~ Business Strategy Accelerator
  • ~ Your Social Mission I’mPossible
  • ~ Relationship Mastery
  • ~ Sales & Marketing Messaging Mastery
  • ~ Personal or Professional Transition
  • ~ Transforming Trauma or Tragedy into Your Triumph
  • ~ Turning Your Mess into Your Mission & Your Message
  • ~ Master your own unique style of intuition – for business, relationships, health and life
  • ~ Get laser-focused rapid results and take yourself to light-speed.

BONUSES – See the VIP Bonuses that come with your VIP Day

Intuition Success™ Business Accelerator Program

Includes 6 Intuitive Business Accelerator Coaching Sessions to target various areas of your business for insights, potentials, strategy, and clear action plans to move forward quickly with ease and grace. Gain clarity and accelerate your business success. You will also be guided to developing your own business intuition. The Program includes:

  • 6 one hour Intuition Success™ Business Accelerator Consultations
  • A Business Intuition Success Profile with Your Path Forward
  • MP3 digital recordings of each one hour session
  • BONUSES – See the extra VIP BONUSES that come with your 6 Session Package

Intuition Success™ From Passion to Profit Start-up Program

Your  Intuition Success™ High Value From Passion to Profit Business Start-up Plan Program  (in-person or by Skype) Validate and clarify your passions, vision, Mission I’mPossible, and know exactly how to implement your business the fastest and easiest.  Quit “trying” a bunch of different things and learn directly from your Inner CEO exactly how to be successful the easiest way forward for you. Two weekly 90 minute consultations PLUS four bi-weekly 30 minute consultations to keep you aligned, focused and in a path of intuitive action.


Just a few of the benefits of Your EXACTLY HOW Business Growth Plan Program are:

  • Have a crystal clear vision and practical roadmap to start-up and grow your unique business
  • Know what the best decisions and course of action are to increase your income
  • Know the best use of your valuable resources of time, energy and money

$1,997 Investment  See the VIP BONUSES

Intuition Success™ Business Accelerator VIP Program

Includes 12 Intuition Success™ Business Accelerator Coaching Calls to target the struggles in your business for insights, potentials, strategy, and clear action plans to move forward quickly with ease and grace. Gain clarity as well as strategic and tactical plans to accelerate your business success as well as support along the way. Also you will get advanced strategies in developing your own business intuition. The VIP Program includes:

  • 12 one hour Intuition Success™ Business Accelerator Consultations
  • Intuition Success  Profile with Your Path Forward
  • MP3 digital recording of each one hour session
  •  BONUSES – See the VIP Bonuses that come with your VIP Program

Intuition Success™ for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Taught by Isis Jade

Intuition Success™ for Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Professionals
12 Week Program

What if you could directly access strategic business insight beyond traditional methods with alacrity and certainty? What if you could inspire your teams to make rapid decisions and drive leading edge results?

Business Strategy * Marketing Strategy * Target Market Clarity * Conflicts Instantly Resolved * Save $ * Save time * Better Business Decisions * Accelerate speed to market * Create the highest possible returns on investments * Validate your direction * Eliminate your blind spots * Create a new Success Set-Point for Yourself, your business & your wealth.

This exciting training is designed for the business woman to accelerate her success in any area of her business. Maximize your success edge and become a powerful, influential resource for your community.  

Learn to develop a strong, powerful feminine intuitive foundation to guide you through your success naturally, including honing your own intuition and leverage it strategically.

You will be using your intuition to get immediate answers for your own and other businesses to accelerate lasting success.

Register with Isis Jade @ 408.722.8008 or

Quantum Leap Intuition Success™ 6 Month Private VIP Program

Quantum Leap 6 Month Private Business Intuition Success™ Acceleration Program

Weekly private Intuitive Business Accelerator phone or in-person Consultations and personalized Business Intuition training and mentoring, private facebook group, private luxury VIP Retreat and access to all training programs, books and my private success library.

Only for those truly serious and ready to be in committed action to invest in, launch or grow your business.

BONUSES – See the VIP Bonuses that come with your Fast Track 6 Month Program

To apply for this program contact Isis at 408.722.8008 or apply by clicking the button below

Discover better ways to intuitively innovate.

Isis is one of the most innovative, understanding, heartfelt, and genuine people I know. She got our team focused on intuitive decision making which shifted our team’s focus back on innovative solutions. She spent time listening to each of our team members, thought about what we all said, then brought everyone together in a collaboration zone around intuitive decision making that got us all in agreement and clear on a fantastic strategy. She knows how to pull the very best out of people and give them space to really come out and share their ideas. Now we have a set of fantastic strategies to implement for our company’s ‘most optimal outcomes’. I knew we had fantastic talent, thank you for helping us bring it to the forefront.

Lisa Whistler COO, Hessler Group

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What to expect in our Intuition Success™ Accelerator Consultations:

  • Intuitive perspectives, possibilities and potentials and FUN!
  • Proven Intuition Success™ Pumps that are practical and easily accessible
  • A confidential, non-judgmental, focused environment
  • Inspiration, dedication and passionate strategy for whatever you desire to create and/or release

What to bring / How to prepare for your Intuition Success™ Accelerator Consultations:

  • Bring your agenda by priority of what you’d like to cover, such as:
  • What you desire to create or expand quicker and easier
  • Areas where you feel stuck or challenged that you’d like to move beyond
  • If you are a note taker, bring paper and pen
  • If your other sessions have not yet been scheduled, please bring your calendar



Call 408.722.8008 to schedule an appointment. By Phone: Call 408.722.8008 for your one hour phone session Via Skype: Look up


$300 per hour for Personal, Health or Relationship Consults.
$600 per hour for Intuition Success™ Accelerator Consults or Social Mission Consults
$1,000 Retainer per hour for Corporate, Team Building or Business Strategy Consultations.

Payment must be received before booking the session via Credit or debit card.

VIP & Coaching Programs must be paid in full. 3 Part Payment Arrangements are available for a service fee of 20% in addition to the rate.

Step 1. Purchase Your Session

After you purchase your session, you will be redirected to the booking calendar to schedule your session immediately. We recommend you book your session with Isis as quickly as possible after your purchase has been confirmed.

Have you signed up to get access to your Intuition Success™ training valued at $12,499?