Discover the Effortless Path to Transforming Your Life, Spontaneously.

Plato called it the only Stairway to Heaven. Aristotle called it the perfect movement of the soul. Sir William Blake cautioned that if we yearn for it, but do not act to gain it, we breed our own demise. Entire philosophies have been created to explain it. Entire religions have been founded out of an effort to understand its wonder. Yet, few people have truly understood its power and significance for personal transformation or its ability to spontaneously enlighten. Until now.

DELIGHT is the secret shortcut to enlightenment that Tantric Gurus, sages, and philosophers have whispered about for thousands of years. LEARN TO MASTER REALITY CREATION @ The Speed of Divine Light to Receive All Your Heart’s Desires & Experience the Richest, Juiciest, Most Bountiful Life Possible. Let Your Life Bloom!

DELIGHT: An Enlightened Path to Transforming Your Life, Spontaneously, is a revolutionary, groundbreaking exploration of the world’s religions & secret teachings of mystery schools combined with insightful contemplation on what it really takes to transform our lives, our communities and our world.


Learn the Seven Secrets to the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Your Desires: Understanding the Law of Delight.

There are secrets to mastering the spontaneous fulfillment of your heart’s desires. Isis explains manifesting your desires is as effortless as connecting to a Hidden Universal Law that the wisest sages in human history only ever hinted at, yet never fully revealed.

A few of the things you’ll learn in this book…

…. The Secret Law that activates and automatically reorders the Universe to manifest your heart’s desires
…. The hidden truth about why the Law of Attraction hasn’t succeeded in your life.
…. The single greatest addiction that prevents you from encountering a wellspring of abundance, peace and joy in your life.
…. The one piece of advice that is certain to transform your life, now.
…. How to handle it when things don’t go the way we expect.
…. The most powerful action you can take to begin co-creating your new reality, right now.


The Golden Age: The Secret History of Humanity & the Coming Golden Age (The Golden Age Series Book 1)

This book introduces you to the coming Golden Age of Humanity as downloaded from the Akashic Records.

Get motivated, inspired and educate yourself about becoming a leading edge DELIGHT (Divine Light) MAKER to co-create a global human society where we all thrive.

Imagine a place where we all have the opportunity to evolve as higher multi-dimensional spiritual beings; where truth and abundance are intrinsic; and where we are, once again, reconnected with our transdimensional brothers and sisters.

This new age has been heralded by every ancient civilization, including the Mayan. The planet itself has begun to shift her locus of perception into a higher dimension.

Unknown to those who follow the paradigm of empirical scientific materialism, Gaia is a sentient being of archangelic stature, with a physical body – just as we have a physical body – as well as a soul. You will discover how to connect directly with your purpose and how to help bring about The Golden Age of Humanity.


The Golden Gates: How to use cosmic portals & gateways to create your heaven on earth (The Golden Age Series Book 2)

A portal gateway is a one-way or two-way inter-dimensional door opening into a wormhole that allows near instantaneous astral travel. For experienced astral travelers and new age seekers, this guide is a treasure trove of valuable information.

Portals, as described by Isis, generally appear as a whirl-wind or elongated, swirling shape to some seers and mystics. In this edition of the Golden Age series, Isis introduces you to learn how to locate, open, use and close various types of portals. Including in this book, she also provides startling scientific evidence and proof that these  portals indisputably exist.

Isis teaches her readers how to recognize different roles beings hold in the portal gateways, including guardians, cleaners and sentries, how to locate a portal in any location and how to properly protect and filter the energies coming through so as to ensure earth’s golden age can manifest more quickly with effortlessness.


The Mysteries of Ascension: Empyreum’s Secrets for Ascending into a Higher Life (The Golden Age Book 3)

The most commonly understood definition of ascension refers to “rising to a higher level or degree”. You can ascend through grades in school, through the ranks in the armed forces, you can even ascend through the levels in a mystery school. You can ascend through your career levels, and even most video games have levels you ascend through as you master specific skills and abilities.

This leveling and ascending through spiritual realms also exists, but not necessarily as we know them in this physical experience.

Ascension when we speak of it from a spiritual and energetic level, pertains to both our individual and our global consciousness as it rises and unfolds into higher levels. Our individual and collective consciousness can both be measured by how many levels of awareness we can attain and access at once.

This also pertains to our vibrational resonance. The higher our vibrational resonance becomes, the higher our consciousness elevates. If we vibrate ourselves in alignment with the higher realms of consciousness, we begin to vibrate at the level of visible light. When we surpass the wavelength of visible light, because we are vibrating ourselves at such a high level we then become invisible, and we ascend. This is what is meant by the process of ascension.

The Mysteries of Ascension provides an in-depth look into the ancient tantric practice of ascending and enlightenment, why our Earth Star Chakra is key to both our ability to ascend and astrally travel, as well as provide new insights into the secrets behind the Mayan practices of ascension.




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