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If you’re here, you are deeply invested in your success development and growth. At the same time, you may feel as if there’s important information missing from your business and life.


You are ready to access your Intuition at the highest level and transcend the confinement of most people’s limited perspective on life.


Internationally renowned and highly sought after Intuition Success™ Professional Consultants (ISPC), are highly trained, successful and trusted intuitive consultants that have studied and applied Intuition Success Pumps™ and learned to master Intuition to a very high degree of reliability.


Intuition Success™ Professional Consultants utilize proven, strategic and innovative ways to empower people to succeed at their highest levels possible.


Recent studies show that politicians, CEOs, COOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities are turning to business intuitive consultants more and more to gain an edge on their competition and to siphon through the staggering amount of data.

Never before has Intuition been a more powerful, leveraged skill used by 85% of the world’s most successful individuals. And never before have we become so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data and information available to us that causes more and more people to become stuck in analysis paralysis.


You’re ready to know exactly how Intuition can magnify your success (and the success your clients experience)!


You may wonder why, in spite of all we know about personal development, empowerment, success strategies, and the Universal Laws, some people – perhaps yourself included – still cannot seem to create the success they long for and desire.


You know we are Divine, infinite, and truly powerful. And yet, somehow, you may long for a deeper, more profound experience of this realization in a more powerful, practical, reliable manner.


Today, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, John Rockefeller and Warren Buffett (the Oracle of Omaha) have all recognized the vital importance of Intuitive Consultants and have sought out Intuitive Strategists like Intuition Success™ Professional Consultants when making significant decisions in business or life.

Isis Jade has worked with countless high level executives and entrepreneurs in empowering them to realign with their Mission in Life and transform their trauma or tragedy into their triumphs. Now, she wants to teach you how to do the same for yourself and your clients.



Welcome to the Intuition Success™ Professional Consultant Certification Program


Our Intuition offers us all the guidance, answers, insights and applicable next-level solutions we could ever wish for in every area of our business, health, relationships and life. We don’t need anything except our own Intuition and Unique Mission on earth to excel and succeed at quantum levels.

Through this comprehensive, step-by-step system of access, you will learn how to intuitively “tune in” to your own Inner CEO (the Highest Aspect of You)  to discover exactly how to shape your experience and achieve all you’ve longed for in your life.

You will learn how to accurately discover answers to the questions you are struggling to answer about yourself, your relationships, your business, and your health, and you’ll be able to do this for yourself, your loved ones, and if you wish, for paying clients.

But Intuition Success™ goes far beyond “just” an intuitive read or answering questions.

Have you ever wondered why we get “stuck”?

Do you want to know exactly why we keep manifesting the same pattern of experiences we are having in our business, relationships or life?

Intuition Success™ offers comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of  that plague so many people. By learning to design the right questions, use Intuition Success Pumps™ to activate your Intuition quickly, and assess the information that comes through, we can release negative blocks and restrictions that may be affecting us in deep ways which keep us stuck cycling in the same patterns of experiences.


By doing this, we can gain real and meaningful insight for many of our present-life experiences so we can instantly release our blockages to the success we long for and can now achieve.


Isis Jade is a former Fortune 500 business consultant, executive and strategist who has worked with thousands of individuals and businesses of all kinds in a variety of industries for over twenty years. Her laser-like focus in driving straight to the issues at hand as well as training hundreds of people over the years to tune into their own Inner CEO to gain all the answers to make rapid, accurate business and personal life decisions, has resulted in as much as over $800M USD in revenues for clients.

We all have had “gut” feelings and “impulses” about possible business deals, job situations, relationships and our personal lives.  Many times we have ignored these feelings and impulses as not logical, possible, or rational resulting in loss of business, jobs, important relationships and other opportunities to succeed at our highest level.

In fact, 93% of the time our initial intuition has turned out to be the correct course of action, even when it goes counter to everything we think we know about a situation.

Intuition Success™ trains people and teams to listen and tune into their own inner CEO and become more fearless in manifesting their success in all areas of business and life without the need to force any outcome.

Communication and business transactions are now conducted at light speed. Making accurate decisions by analyzing data is nearly impossible when time is of the essence and data is not clearly understandable, incomplete or inaccurate.

No matter how much big data companies attempt to hone their analysis into something meaningful, the truth is, only a highly tuned in individual with the courage to follow their intuition can make the most optimal decision for all involved. Optimal decisions lead to optimal results. Sub optimal decisions, lead to sub optimal results.

Intuition Success™ trains our certified professional consultants to balance both the inner and outer worlds. To see the energy and shape of a business decision, to see the gaps and prescribe more streamlined solutions that are in alignment with the most optimal outcome for the business’ mission and goals.

Reinforcing better decisions with holistic, professional intuitive guidance from intuitive business consultants can relieve the stress of making important decisions and empower your business to not thrive.


  • Imagine serving at your highest level.
  • Imagine gaining insight using all 48 of your senses accurately and reliably.
  • Imagine knowing, just knowing what is the most optimal outcome for your clients.


This is real, tangible, powerful next level Intuition Success™ Certified Consultant training that bridges the gap between the energetic and material reality.

Best of all, through this powerful method of intuitive assessment, we can clear and instantly release all negative blocks that are limiting our clients and ourselves, while creating a new Success Set Point that more accurately reflects the kind of lives and businesses we  desire to experience.

Through Intuition Success™, people experience a profound transformation in their life experiences. They begin attracting new experiences. They create more of what they want. They break through to a new level of success through radical personal growth, delighting themselves fully, while shifting and evolving at unprecedented levels.

We Train Leading Edge Professional Intuitive Strategists

There is something to be said for taking insight from an intuitive reader and applying it. However, most intuitive readers are not trained with savvy insight. It takes accessing all aspects of Intuition to see how the vision of a product or a service can take form and succeed in the marketplace.

Likewise, it also takes a powerful bit of savvy to see the most optimal solution that fills a gap without relying on knee-jerk band-aids. Truly successful Intuition Success™ Professional Consultants are able to *download* infinite creative genius while training their clients in the use of Intuition Success Pumps™ that give the power back to their client’s teams so they are able to make better decisions in business and personal life.

Intuition Success Professional Consultants go through a powerful 6 month training program. However by the time the first 90 days have passed, most of our consultants have already designed their niche, created their offerings and landed their first clients. It happens that quickly.


Are you ready to discover how to access Intuition at a Radical Level that empowers you to heal success blocks and transform lives in a meaningful, lasting way?

  • Learn how to accurately and reliably access intuitive information about your clients.
  • Help others understand their true nature, Mission I’mPossible and how they can serve at the highest level.
  • Embrace and nurture your intuitive potential at a profoundly deep level.
  • Receive a new level of guidance and insight for your own highest path and purpose.
  • Step into a new relationship with all aspects of the Universe as you experience your own inner transformation through this work.
  • Systematically discover who we are as energetic divine beings, and what our passionate purpose is for this lifetime.
  • Discover with accuracy and precision the success blocks and restrictions that are currently affecting our experiences.
  • Learn how to effectively and permanently realign these negative influences to create amazing shifts and changes in your life and the lives of others.
  • Transform your clients’ businesses, relationships & lives!
  • Bring a new level of depth and effectiveness to any existing work you may currently be doing. Intuition Success™ combines elegantly with energy healing modalities.
  • Add Intuition Success™ to your existing services, or begin a new business offering Intuitive Success Strategies.

This program includes the following:

  • 24 comprehensive lessons, released weekly to keep you engaged and on track.
  • Downloadable versions of the lessons, so that you can take your course content with you on the go!
  • Downloadable PDF files of the course notes, worksheets and powerful Intuition Success Pumps.
  • Reading sheets and client “homework” assignments that you can give to your clients post-session.
  • Comprehensive Intuition Success™ reference books for you at no charge.
  • Ongoing Q&A support calls bimonthly to make sure all your questions are answered.

Why is this course structured as an online learning and home study program?

Integration. This is a very extensive program containing information that is brand-new to most students, even those with experience in multiple modalities or the intuitive arts. It is impossible to properly integrate and PRACTICE this material over the course of three or four days in a seminar or workshop-type setting.

By releasing the lessons WEEKLY, you not only have time to integrate the information and energy provided and put it into practice, you’ll also not end up with “shelf help.”

Support. Our whole community gathers every two weeks for Q&A calls that are a consistent source of inspiration and ongoing learning.  This course is highly transformational in nature, and so we talk about issues that may arise for you personally, as well as in your business and within your course work on our calls.

Accessibility. You will not have the inconvenience or expense of traveling to study this modality. Intuition Success™ Practitioners live and practice in different countries world-wide. You also won’t have to wait for months for the next class to start!

Consistency. While everyone is on different schedules, it’s important to move through this course consistently.  This work has the potential to change your life in as little as 90 days … as long as you DO the work. It’s easy to spend a weekend immersing yourself in new material, only to go home and never use what you’ve learned. By moving through the course week by week, you will make Intuition Success™ a part of your life and work from the very beginning.

The Intuition Success™ Professional Curriculum

You will be able to access the first lesson of the course immediately.  Subsequent lessons will be released to you weekly.

Lesson 1: The Master Key to Success

We will begin by redefining Intuition as a professional key for effortless success in today’s world.  You will learn how to think intuitively, understand the structure of Intuition, our multi-dimensionality, and the importance of energy and the role it plays in our ability to create limitless opportunity, love, success, and abundance.

We will also talk about how Intuition functions as an effective access point to Infinite Intelligence & Creative Genius as used by history’s finest minds (you’ll be pleased to discover Intuition Access Points used by greats such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Richard Branson and Oprah.  We will discuss some of the practicalities of studying Intuition Success™ from a powerful place where your business, relationships and health all converge.  Finally, you will receive detailed instructions on the mechanics of accessing Intuition reliably and consistently.

Lesson 2: Unlocking Intuition

We will begin this lesson with guidelines on how to design the best questions. Keep in mind, it’s not the individual with all the answers that is the highest paid in the room, it is the person who asks the best questions!

You will receive an attunement that allows you to open your own Unique Access Point to download any information at will.  Every person has their own unique access point, and with 48 unique senses you’ll find that the most reliable source of information is using your strongest sense.

This alone is usually a highly transformational experience for students. You will also learn how to access and navigate Intuition and locate information for specific situations.  Finally, you will also learn how to establish accuracy for each question you ask and how to resolve any blocks to receiving information  you may encounter.

Lesson 3: Centering & Releasing the Linear Process to Embrace Intuition

Lesson 4: Receptivity – Gaining Insight into Intuitive Symbols

Lesson 5: Eliciting Intuition on Demand – Intuition Success Pumps™

Lesson 6: Interpreting Intuitive Impulses Accurately

Lesson 7: Achieving Clarity – The Intuition Success™ Problem Solving Formula

Lesson 8: Accessing Your Divine Blueprint & Your Mission I’mPossible™

In this lesson, you will learn about the various energetic qualities that make up our Divine  Blueprint that are essential to our ability to manifest a successful, abundant human experience. Each individual has a unique Mission on earth.  You will learn how to access the client’s mission, how to address it through social work, business, career, and relationships. You’ll also discover the positive, neutral and negative polarity of each of these energetic qualities, and how our Gifts can be expressed functionally and dysfunctionally in our experience, through the power of choice.

Lesson 9: Origination of Success Blockages

Learn about the origination of Success Blockages and how they manifest. You’ll discover how our Divine Blueprint has often contracted a scarcity clause and how to rewrite it for genetic activation, healing and quantum growth. You’ll discover how patterns tend to be hard-wired and how to deftly let go of what no longer serves your highest and most optimal outcome.  Learn about how this origination is reflected in our every day lives. This is a huge topic that is an essential element of our Soul’s Divine blueprint and our Mission I’mPossible™.

Lesson 10: Accelerating Intuitive Development and The Law of Delight

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to uncover the Success Set-Point current alignment to its self-expression through the various aspects of a client’s life and business.  You will also learn the core principles of intuitive accuracy and how to manage and develop your intuitive abilities, as well as any energetic sensitivity that may arise. We will also talk about the Universal Law of Delight that governs the entirety of the Universe (and all other Universal Laws) and how we create our human experience, through the power of choice. You’ll discover how we give our power away and how to reclaim your power, how to conserve it and how to direct it for most optimal outcomes and rapid decision making with confidence, clarity and certainty.

Lesson 11: Clearing Success Blocks and Restrictions – Part One

Learn how to uncover negative blocks and restrictions that we created through  choice, and how they continue to affect us in present. You’ll learn exactly how scarcity and lack is created in our lives, through choice, and how to discern and clear this energy.

Lesson 12: Clearing Success Blocks and Restrictions – Part Two

This is perhaps THE most transformational aspect of our work, we’ll dive into further detail on how we can eliminate these blocks from our clients’ lives … and our own.

Lesson 13: Putting It All Together

Learn how the various influences affect our ability to make decisions and develop stronger choices with clarity and confidence. This lesson shows you how to discover exactly what choices created the blocks and restrictions to success. You will learn how a full intuitive consultation is put together and how to access additional information through a variety of Intuition Success Pumps™. Examples of various client issues are given, as well as details on how to intuitively connect and download solutions to these in great depth. This lesson also covers how to communicate effectively and present your sessions to your clients.

Lesson 14: Alignment with Your Mission I’mPossible

Learn how to align with the mission you have been given. Assist your clients in making their lives and work places their sacred space focused on a sanctuary for their own Mission to evolve and serve at their highest levels. By focusing on the solution, asking better questions, and realigning yourself to serve your mission to very best of your ability, you transform your ability to achieve success @ light speed.

Lesson 15: Resetting the Success Set-Point of a Person, Business, or Relationship for Quantum Results

Learn how to energetically “clear” the Divine Blueprint of blocks and restrictions as well as how to level up a client’s Success Set Point in business, relationship, career, finances or health.  We will talk about the scope of clearing work, define the energetic changes clearing creates, how to avoid a healing crisis through client preparation and how resetting the Success Set-point with integrity integrates free will and the client’s chosen mission and destiny.  This is some of the most profound support we can offer our clients and the results I have found often take place at light speed.

Lesson 16: Applying Intuition Success™ to Succeed in Business or Career

Learn how to apply your intuition in any business setting, a primer on how to use your intuition to gain insight and information on any business problem or situation and leverage your most optimal solutions strategically for the most optimal benefits.

Lesson 17: Intuition Success™ to Improve All Business Relationships

Learn how to gain alignment within any relationship, no matter the personality. Discover how to intuitively “frame” questions to pump other people’s intuition leading to intuitive round table discussions. Discover how to have Higher Self conversations intuitively no matter how closed off a person may be, to discover the most elegant solutions and fill any business gap, leaving people feeling relieved, supported, and full of excitement about working with you.

Lesson 18: Intuition Success™ to Market, Advertise, Speak, Sell, and Position Yourself

Learn how to use your Intuition to develop key marketing and aligned advertising messages that signal your perfect clients that you are ready to work with them. You’ll learn when and where to toss the plan and how to tune in and have intuitive sales conversations where you position yourself as the leader, catalyst or authority in your niche. You’ll also discover how to stop worrying about the competition (in an abundant Universe there is no competition), and focus entirely on serving your clients at the highest level you can.

Lesson 19: Intuition Success™ to Make Most Optimal Investment Decisions, Developing Radically Intuitive Products, Realign Any Services

You’ll discover Intuition Success Pumps that show you how to place your big bets, how to tune in when you are dealing with imperfect data or not enough real world information, how to avoid wasting time and energy on poor decisions, and how to know when you are being challenged to grow and when the Universe is really signalling “not optimal for you”. There are subtle energetic differences between a challenge to grow and a definite “no”.  We’ll also touch into how to innovate any product, create a solution out of thin air, and how to realign services for greater revenue growth.

Lesson 20: Intuition Success™ Solution Model for Manifest Perfect Clients Anytime Anywhere

In this module we’ll show you our process on how to identify, communicate with and signal to perfect clients any time, any where, in any situation that you are available for consultations, as well as how to help your clients define and identify their perfect clients or customers. This radical 4 page perfect client plan works 100% of the time.

Lesson 21: Intuition Success™ for Achieving Your Optimal Health

We’ll talk about how to do away with fad diets and health advice and how to tune in and listen to your body so you create a new Success Set Point for optimal health and your perfect weight. Watch the body shed years of toxic stagnant energy build up, adjust itself to YOUR perfect internal weight point, and reclaim boundless energy, mental focus and deep love for nutrient dense foods your body loves. Learn to tune out the garbage, and learn to tune into what your body really needs. You’ll discover simple techniques for determining the most optimal supplementation, foods, and exercises your body wants most.

Lesson 22: Intuition Success™ to Heal Family Issues

Clients come with difficult family issues to resolve, the course of which often comes with childhood trauma. Many times clients are attached to the trauma as a part of their story and identity. Teaching clients how to realign with their Mission and let go of the trauma identity is one of the most important success set points we can assist with. When clients learn to let go of family issues, and embrace their new normal, they often discover family no longer has power over them to make them feel less than or not good enough. Through this process of disentangling intuitively, family issues are resolved and the energy wasted now is conserved for more optimal relationships.

Lesson 23: Intuition Success™ to Manifest Your Perfect Loving Relationship

Intuitive consultants are often sought after to help clients attract a perfect intimate partner or to resolve intimate relationship issues. Intuition Success™ offers a powerful manifesting formula for manifesting the perfect loving relationship. We teach high-value Intuition Success Manifesting techniques that ensures clients attract exactly the loving relationship that will empower them to succeed as well as support them in living their most optimal life.

Lesson 24: Intuition Success™  Transforming Financial Wealth & Turning Your Mission into Your Legacy.

Transforming our Financial Success Set-Point is interrelated to all the other previous structures. This Success Set Point is transformed when our clients realize family ties no longer control them, and intimate relationships are now a place of joy and pride and high value. When clients begin to intuitively value themselves at this level, we can assist them in transforming Financial wealth and guide them to transforming their Mission into their Legacy. From founding charities and non-profits, to using their own points of transformation as a place of even greater service, we take clients to their next level of evolution/

This course is designed as a sophisticated and structured framework that will allow you to tap into the knowledge and wisdom contained within the entirety of the Universe. It is a starting point on a journey that will change your life!

By the end of this course, you will be able to offer professional-level intuitive consultations to paying clients no matter what level of life or success they are at. You will be able to identify yourself as an Certified Intuition Success Professional Consultant and will be eligible for listing in the Directory on this website as well as receive referrals for coaching clients from us.

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