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Introducing the Intuition Success™ Accelerator Program

The Only Intuition Acceleration Program of Its Kind Designed for Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Coaches & Consultants.

The Intuition Success™ Accelerator is a proven and tested creative genius hacking framework that teaches you how to rock intuitive creative problem solving and decision acceleration in any area of life in as little as 42 days.

Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Intuitive Creative Genius is the Wave of the Future

Imagine being able to access non-local super-conscious abilities to solve any problem, any time, anywhere.

Developed & tested to deliver proven, practical results

The methods taught in Intuition Success™ Accelerator program were developed first in enterprise corporate America, tested and fine-tuned in countless start-ups and proven to enhance the lives of thousands of clients who have paid as much as $28,657 to learn these secret intuitive hacking strategies around the world.

Accelerator has changed the lives of thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals alike, skyrocketing their careers enabled into the stratosphere of six & seven figure incomes.  People all over the world use Intuition Success™ Accelerator Framework to make better decisions in every area of life.

Become the decisive change agent & the influential leader people come to for solutions in your field & your life.

To enhance your career, navigate changing business climates, dramatically uplevel your life and relationships,  content is not enough. You need a powerful mentor and an environment that facilitates experiential adaptive learning, rapid decision acceleration, courageous action taking, infinite intelligence hacking and a proven methodology that takes you straight to your source of inner power (and beyond).

Balanced, Proven Process

We turned the unknown gray area of intuition into a precise, predictable experiential process based on research into quantum neuroscience and nonlocal consciousness. We blended practical science with ancient proven methodologies we’ve developed into specific exercises proven to tune into what we call infinite intelligence and creative genius. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable format that is continually refined.

A New Paradigm

We engineered a new way to think and reprogram your mind that’s so utterly profound, it’s like seeing the world through 5D lenses with vivid depth and color perception for the very first time. Successful people take a lifetime to train their mindset for success. We discovered how to hack and install a new paradigm of viewing yourself, the world, and relying on creative intuitive problem solving for our clients in just weeks.

 The Intuition Success™ Accelerator Online Platform

When you join Intuition Success™ Accelerator you get access to a revolutionary e-learning platform. We provide a comprehensive 6 week training in multiple formats so you can learn the way that best suits you. Watch the training videos in  video, listen to mp3 recordings or read the transcripts. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Program Content and Schedule

In as little as 89 days we’ll help you become a powerful change-agent, intuitive creative genius and influential leader from scratch, based on Isis Jade’s almost 20 years experience in the field of intuitive executive consulting.  Here’s how:

Module One - The Alchemy of Intuition Success™

In module one we cover the fundamental laws governing the Universe & how Intuition enters the equation so that you understand the science behind how everything in this program works. This lesson is based on everything my father, a NASA scientist who managed the Space Shuttle program for 20 years taught me. Once a clear understanding is established we get right to work on the foundations of developing your Intuition.

1. Overview & Introduction
The full overview of the program and the core parts we focus on to get results. This is extremely important to understand the road ahead.

Here’s what we cover:

  • General housekeeping and how to get the most out of the program
  • Important things to remember going into this training and the biggest period of change of your life
  • Overview of what the program is all about and what we’re going to cover
  • Your “foundations” and why the success of your business structurally depends on them
  • The only four things that matter when it comes to getting results
  • The raw strategy behind intuition hacking and achieving your goals

2. The Intuitive Visionary Catalyst & Future Leader
We discuss intuition as the most valuable skill available to you and why mastering this one skill will uplevel every other area in your life. People who are truly intuitively successful are the people who create solutions, draw down real insight and uplevel the innovation. These are the people that receive the most in life. This lesson is going to show you how to develop a whole new take on this most valuable asset you have so you can be truly unique, influential, destined for your next level and not follow the crowd.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What Intuition Success™ means and why it’s important to understand how this skill is THE Game Changer in every area of business, relationships and life.
  • The insanity of crowd mentality and the infinite fallibility of following the herd
  • Learning to step to a higher playing field, observing the fray from an objective viewpoint in any situation
  • Establish the balanced perspective as the strategic observer instead of as a fallible participant reacting in scattershot to the marketplace
  • Experiencing the distortion in the field – where perceived reality truly differentiates from the objective truth of hidden forces at play
  • Understanding the role between ego and essence.
  • Seeing yourself as the Intuitive Visionary, the Change Agent or Creative Solutions Catalyst required to bring the gift of delight and truth to your business, relationships and life.

3. The Law of Delight & How “Universal Natural Law” Enters the Intuition Equation
This lesson is on natural law and the equation behind The Law of Delight. These two things are fundamentally important. Natural law is the law of nature, the law of how everything in the Universe works. The Intuition equation is the fundamental equation that intuition works within. If we boil intuition down to a simple 3 part equation, it becomes fundamentally simple. I’m going to show you what it looks like and how it works

Here’s what we cover:

  • What “Natural Law” & “The Law of Delight” is and why they are of extreme importance
  • The governing equation behind the fractal evolution of life & consciousness
  • Why most people suffer as a victim to life due to fallibility from three key things
  • The 24 senses you didn’t know you had and haven’t been using in your life/business
  • The “Intuition Equation” and how you can use it to create massive value in every area of life

4. The Evolution of Your Intuition

In this lesson we’re going to talk through the different stages of evolution that creative genius and intuition development goes through. We’re going to start off by talking about the definition of intuition and what an intuitive visionary leader really is and then discuss how you can use your intuition to dramatically add value to the marketplace and why people are dramatically drawn to hire your intuitive expertise so that you can understand the hidden driving forces at play.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The definition of intuition, visionary leader, creative genius and intuitive strategist
  • What makes the global economy really tick and how real value is created in this 3-D world by downloading 7-D solution frameworks.
  • Why do people pay for and highly value intuitive visionary expertise
  • Why you can’t fight the market and why learning to intuitively navigate the currents of the marketplace will make you wealthy beyond measure
  • The evolutionary stages of creative genius and intuitive leadership and the different strategies used at each stage 
of the game (one-on-one, small group setting, large groups, non-profits, social media and businesses)
  • The journey that lies ahead for you as a and what to expect along the way

The Rest of This Module Includes:

  1. Taking a Higher View of How We Make Decisions
  2. What Does an Intuitive Experience Feel Like
  3. The Keys to YOUR Success
  4. Alchemy of Confirmation
  5. “How Do I Know What I Know?”
  6. Alchemy of Eloquent Questions
  7. Alchemy of Decision Getting
  8. Becoming Empowered
  9. Resonating Your Most Optimal Outcome
  10. Action Items
  11. Questions & Discussions
Module Two - The Alchemy of Becoming - The Intuitive Catalyst

1. The dark force holding you hostage

In business and in life there’s three things that make you successful: your abilities to navigate relationships (this was a difficult one for me to learn), your raw natural skills and your ability to interpret information, make decisions and act. If you don’t work on these three keys you will know what to do but you’ll be paralyzed with uncertainty and unable to apply it. This lesson reveals the hidden dark forces at play that hold most visionary leaders, executives and entrepreneurs trapped by the heels and how to unbind yourself once and for all.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why do you know what you need to do, but just can’t do it?
  • Why do you hope, dream and pray for things, but never seem to be able to obtain or achieve them?
  • Why do you start making positive progress towards your dreams and goals, but then self-sabotage?
  • Why can’t we achieve the things that we want to achieve?
  • What is this dark force that’s to blame for all of this?

2. Dancing with the devil & your shadow

In this lesson we show you how to dance with the devil and embrace your shadow side. If you’ve ever wondered why there’s one side of you that wants to achieve big things and another side of you that procrastinates and self-sabotages this lesson is for you. This has been the most transformative module in the program for many successful students. We highly recommend you study this in full.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Facing the dark side of yourself and why it’s important
  • My personal story of self doubt, struggle, pain, anxiety, self sabotage and how I overcame it
  • The fascinating discovery of the two forces at play within me, the darkness and the light
  • Denial – the cause of all suffering, limitation and failure
  • Facing the music – the cause of all success and happiness
  • My observations about business, life and the laws of the universe

3. Duality and the Conflict of Our Inner Processes

In this lesson we show you how the different minds work and how most people make decisions. We discuss the conflict in duality and how your brain can’t understand anything without comparing it to an opposite. You’ll also discover why we tend to operate life in patterns and how to see your own patterns clearly. This lesson is designed to awaken you to a higher level of consciousness and help you see the world in a new light. The things you’ll learn about yourself in this module will blow your mind. 

Here’s what we cover: 

  • What is the duality and conflict of man? Why is it important?
  • How your mind works and how you make decisions
  • The deviation of opposing forces and the two poles of nature
  • Who are you? The definitive answer and summation of mental programming
  • Societies conflict of opposites and perceived right and wrong
  • Mankind’s big question

4. Dropping Survival & Embracing Thrival

Here you will learn how to see the difference between the game of survival of the fittest and dropping the fear of competition, rejection, and sabotage once and for all. This lesson contains a strategy that enables you to begin embracing the idea of affluent thriving as the most natural way of living and being.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What is the history that holds you in the game of fighting to survive? Why is it important?
  • How to rise up into an intuitive visionary heart-space and become led towards a higher outcome.
  • The Law of Magnetism and how to create a vacuum to pull everything you dream of to you
  • Can you see yourself as truly creative, affluent and influential in your world?
  • Dropping the need to live as a martyr and victimize yourself or others.

5. Seeing Clarity for the First Time

Here you will learn how to see the world in affluence, abundance and opportunity for endless solutions. This video contains things that took me twenty years and thousands of hours to understand. Most of these things people don’t understand in their entire lifetime. We show you the current paradigm in place, why it was designed and what’s wrong with it. We then introduce you to a brand new paradigm that’s vital to your success. I was blind but now I see. After this video you will be able to see for the first time too. You’re in for a treat!

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Things are not as they seemed…
  • Strange shifts in reality and reoccurring events
  • Feedback loops and the burden of consciousness
  • Questioning my own existence and looking for answers to the big questions
  • Major breakthroughs in quantum physics and the conflicts it has with classical science
  • Societies current paradigm, world view and it’s bias to physical/material reality
  • Seeing for the first time: My groundbreaking discovery and universal theory of everything
  • Unveiling the new paradigm and it’s revolutionary new way of thinking and perceiving reality

6. Alchemy of Self & Accessing Infinite Intelligence

In this lesson we show you why it’s impossible to achieve success intuitively as the person you are today. We show you why there’s a gap between who you are right now and the person you need to become to achieve your dreams. We then show you how to design that new individual, tap into that future you and step into it so that achieving your dreams is effortless.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • What is Alchemy of self & infinite intelligence and why is it important?
  • Defining the gap to achieve your dreams
  • Dropping the fear of the Cursed Hows
  • Transcending yourself and dance creatively with limitless potential and possibilities
  • Defining who you are at this present moment as well as the stories and beliefs you carry about the past
  • Defining your dream life, what you really want to achieve and the character you must play to achieve it
  • Rewriting your history, mythologizing yourself and creating a new self fulfilling prophecy of the future

7. Installing Your New Paradigm and World View

I’m going to bring together all of the different things which we have discussed. Here you will be introduced to a new paradigm and world view of using intuition for deliberate reality creation and learn how to adopt it for yourself. You’ll learn how to stand up against your thoughts and beliefs as well as the judgement or criticisms of others which have blocked you so far in life. You’ll learn how to become the one with real leverage, pulling the strings in your own reality and take the steering wheel of your own life. 

Here’s what we cover:

  • A fundamental breakdown in statistics and the flawed paradigm of “big data” analysis paralysis
  • Understanding ego & essence
  • Sensing the mind and learning to observe triggered patterns
  • Soothing the inner child with love and drop the inner fight
  • Breaking down the barriers to entry by bringing solutions when everyone else brings problems.
  • Bringing it all together into one cohesive paradigm and world view

8. Rolling the Loaded Dice in Your Favor

In this lesson you’ll learn how to hack into what I call the universal non-local consciousness of Infinite Intelligence and define a new reality for yourself. I’m going to show you exactly how to tune into higher streams of consciousness, download incredible solutions frameworks, streamline and simplify organic processes, redefine ingenuity and manifest anything you dream of or desire. I will show you the strategies so you can program yourself for success acceleration.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • What does rolling the loaded dice in your favor mean and why is it important?
  • What we know about reality, Strategic Synchronicity and confirmation bias
  • The evolutionary spiral of divine sequencing & how to use the Golden Spiral & Fibonnaci Patterns in your daily life to create the reality you long for.
  • Hacking infinite intelligence, creative genius and creating the reality you desire

Additional Modules Include:

  1. Being Fully Embodied & Empowered
  2. Claiming Responsibility & Accountability Here & Now
  3. Using Everything You’ve Got Available to You
  4. Action Items
  5. Questions
Module Three - The Alchemy of Creative Solutions - Frameworks, Tools & Strategies
  1. The Problem Isn’t the Problem You Need to Solve
  2. Finding Calmness and Clarity as the Eye of the Hurricane
  3. Rising Your Awareness to the Next Level
  4. Alchemy of Problems-Decisions-Solutions
  5. Rapid Problem Analysis – Decision – Action Acceleration in Any Situation
  6. Crafting the Most Optimal Outcome Solutions Matrix
  7. Downloading Intuitive Solutions
  8. Riding the Pendulum of Doubt & Fear Back to Love & Clarity
  9. Igniting Inner Power to Achieve the Most Optimal Outcome
  10. Refocusing on the Mission at Hand
  11. Achieving Omniscience in Any Group
  12. Silencing Doubting Thomas & Soothing Debbie Downer
  13. Action Items
  14. Questions
Module Four - The Alchemy of Intuitive Ingenuity
  • The Vibrational Flow of Creative Genius
  • Never Be Afraid to See Ingenuity
  • Solutions Can Appear Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Messenger
  • Dropping Seeking & Becoming the Being
  • The Multiplying Power Factor of Creative Genius
  • Meeting Your Genius Models for Creative Solutions
  • Manifesting Most Ideal Outcomes
  • Manifesting Perfect Opportunities
  • The Unsolvable Problems in Life
  • Tapping into the Shared Vision for a Better Future
  • Breaking Out of the Paradigm of “Stuck”
  • Navigating Intuitively in Business & Life
  • Nonduality & Higher Power in Business & Life
  • Accessing Power Perspectives
  • Increasing Intuitive Sustainability & Achieving MORE for All Involved
  • A Framework for Delighting Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime
  • Action Items
  • Questions
Module Five - The Alchemy of Intuitive Relationships in Every Area of Life
  • Overview
  • The Masks We Hide Behind in Business & Life
  • Dropping the Armor and Embracing Vulnerability
  • Inner Alchemy of All Relationships
  • Relationship Gateways
  • Organic & Authentic Relationship Attraction
  • Assembling a Powerhouse of Infinite Ingenuity
  • Planning Your 7D Alignment Strategy to Manifest Perfect Relationships
  • Conquer the Paralysis of Analysis
  • Rooting Out Hidden Agendas & Regaining Alignment
  • Gaining the Full Investment of Commitment and Follow through
  • Choosing Love Vs. Fear
  • Choosing Action VS Reaction
  • Choosing Courage vs. Silence
  • Action Items
  • Questions
Module Six - Alchemy of Intuitive Influence & Leadership
  • The Alpha & The Omega in Leadership
  • The Peter Principle
  • The 80/20 Lie
  • How Collaborations Facilitates Rapid Change
  • The Evolution of Leading Intuitively and Collaboratively
  • The Competition isn’t the Competition
  • Working Intuitively, Not Mentally
  • How Influence Resonates Across Your Business & Life
  • The Alchemy of Intuitive Charisma & Trust
  • The Alchemy of Intuitive Leadership through Empowerment
  • The Power of Choice and Consequence
  • Empowering People to Make Better Choices
  • Influencing the Most Optimal Outcomes Possible
  • The Church and the Bazaar
  • The Intuitive Catalyst as Leader
  • In a Room Filled with Blind Men
  • Becoming the Only Bull in a Bear’s Market
  • Action Items
  • Questions

Life Changing Modules

Transformational Lessons

Powerful Game-Changing Skill Mastered

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