The Activation Tool

At the end of each lesson in the Intuition Success™ program, you’ll find an Activation Tool for the particular lesson. This will help amplify (AMP Up) your energy with this work. Each tool is designed to help you implement what you learned in the lesson and support you in getting closer to that which you desire to manifest.

Mastering The Material

As your Coach, I request that you fully COMMIT to implementing the Activation Tools! The more you actively engage with each tool, the better your results will be from the work.

It can be helpful to print out the e-book and create a 3-ring binder. You may also want to keep loose leaf paper in it for your journal entries.

Remember that this material is sequential so please do not skip around. Each step builds on itself and helps you form a powerful foundation from which you can begin to manifest all that you desire as a Manifestor.

I am delighted to share this path with you. My team and I are excited and happy to support you as you travel on your beautiful, Divine Life Journey.

***Note: Please listen to the Centering Meditation which I created and I am including here as a Gift. Click Here To Access Your Complimentary Meditation

Holding The Intention That Inner Guidance Always Leads You to the Most Optimal Outcome!

Please Remember: If you wish to accelerate this work and/or receive more individual attention, I am here to further support you. Reach out to me and my team for a complimentary activation session at

In order to become truly empowered to Create A Divine Life & Business, you will want to:

  • Learn to Understand and Apply the Law of Delight in Your Life
  • Partner with Spirit by stating your intentions & noticing the Optimal Miraculous Results
  • Connect with your Inner Guidance
  • Assess & Develop Your Energy
  • Take Inspired Creative Actions (Available as part of Intuition Success™ Master Course)
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