What is it YOU Dream of?

Our dreams need to delight us and the rest of the world in order to bring our greatest successes and our greatest work to life.

What is it YOU Truly Long For?

What is tugging at your sleeve or whispering in your ear, right now? What’s causing the discomfort in your life that says, “Life is meant to be more than this!”

No matter how subtle or obvious your heart and soul are being, it’s time for you to step up and declare for yourself your dreams and desires. It’s time for you to declare that these things are most important to you and the quality of your life.

If you can do that, I can empower you to achieve all you long for and dream of.

Your dreams, desires and what delights your heart and soul to no end, all together define the quality of your life and the unique expression your soul shares to the world.

When you proactively, deliberately dream in partnership with your soul, your Inner DeLight Maker, you are allowing the most authentic expression of your heart and soul to shine through. This is your Inner DeLight, your Inner “Divine Light”.

Being a deliberate creator of your dreams and desires means that you have decided what matters most to you and you are willing to take action now.

On the other hand, being a reactive victim of circumstance, means you choose to wait and see what life throws at you and then you respond. When we react, we are simply being tossed around by the waves of life. This can be a thrill ride, and I can tell you this, the victim reactive mentality is an addiction. An addiction to the adrenaline and to the drama.

Going after what delights you most in life, going after your soul’s calling, standing strong in the light of your soul’s higher calling and life purpose, while remaining connected to your passion, to your heart’s desires, no matter what life happens to pass your way, your dreams will have a far more powerful impact on your life, and on the lives of others.

When we focus on what we really, truly desire, our dreams are very different than when we spend our lives trying to fix “what’s wrong”. In my life philosophy, A Life of DeLight, we don’t spend time fixing what’s wrong.
Intuition Success™ Overview

There is an order in which the lessons are presented in the Intuition Success™ Program and this is not an accident. I have found this particular sequence to be the quickest and most effective way to begin manifesting your desires.

Here’s a brief overview of what we cover in-depth in our Intuition Success™ Programs.

Lesson 1: The Law of Delight & The Golden Spiral of Creation

Understanding the foundation of the law of delight and how activating the Golden Spiral of Creative energy can dramatically impact your life right now.

Lesson 2: Strong Desire & Delight + Clear Declarations & Intention Lead To Miraculous Results

By learning to develop strong desire and create clear declarations & intentions you pre pave what you wish to experience. When you notice how you are manifesting you make room for more possibilities, growth, abundance and love.

Lesson 3: Connecting to Your Inner Guidance Team

By connecting to your unique expression of Spirit (Inner Delight Maker & Creator) you allow yourself to be guided by your brilliances. You’ll be given Awaken the Infinite Within Audio Mediation ($97 value). When you delight in, celebrate and honor who you truly are, you are honoring Spirit, your children, partner, friends etc. and life becomes flowing, graceful and pure JOY. To deepen your connection with your Inner Guidance even further you can actually call into position Your Inner Guidance Team.

Lesson 4: Energy Assessment

By acknowledging where you are energetically you give yourself permission to be OK with wherever you are and however you are feeling. At the same time, you can begin to discover where you would like to be and what you would like to experience. This will help shift your focus on attracting circumstances, people and situations that are aligned with your desire.

Lesson 5: Energy Activation

By writing down your intentions, expectations, your wants and what you need help with for your day, you are deepening your partnership with

Spirit. Writing it down makes it more tangible. This process not only allows you to see your intentions in “black and white” but it gives you an opportunity to go back and acknowledge what is manifesting (Positive Evidences).

Lesson 6 Next Steps: Bringing It Together & Considering Unlimited Possibilities

By reviewing the material the summary helps you integrate and apply all the tools you have learned in the complimentary lessons.

By exploring the short courses & program options available, you can choose to further deepen your understanding of the Foundational Elements covered in the lessons and amplify your ability to manifest your desires even quicker.

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