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Hello dear friend! My name is Isis Jade and I am a best-selling author of several books, courses, & audio programs, including End Self-Doubt, The Law of Delight, Your Mission I’mPossible & Intuition for Success™:

Here are the reasons why you might want to consider promoting my programs and products…

We provide the highest possible quality in research and breakthrough strategies in a suite of programs that you can continue to promote on an ongoing basis. I teach strategies and ideas no one else in the world provides. I’ve taught them to entire teams at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, AT&T, countless entrepreneurs of very successful start-ups, C-level executives, and now I’m offering these same strategies to the general public.

Here are the important details you need to know:

  • You tell your folks all about Intuition Success™ e-courses and products via your blog, podcast, email, facebook or twitter.
  • You can talk about Isis Jade, write reviews about any of her products or courses you have used, interview her (she loves being interviewed!), or just add a linked image to your sidebar and passively promote that way.
  • After signing up as an affiliate of Intuition Success™, you will get your own very special link to talk about Isis Jade and her books, courses and programs. All sales made through you will be recorded + you’ll be able to see them as they happen!
  • You get 20-50% for all digital programs & products that are purchased through your link.
  • Every single month, we send you our deepest gratitude and your money you earned (of course!) paid through Paypal to thank you for helping us spread the word!


Some other great stuff to know…

Intuition Success™ is one of the highest converting and highest paying Affiliates Programs available to you!

Highest Converting…

Because we are dedicated to an online marketing model involved in continually testing site changes and conversion rate.

We’ve included all the elements you need for successfully promoting high converting programs that you can feel good about referring to your community, social networks and your email list.

We bridge the gap between higher awareness and consciousness, and business & life practicality. We operate on a high level of spiritual integrity. We are not a religious organization, but we do believe in operating our business on the premise of the higher spiritual laws. I know it’s difficult to siphon through the the myriad of programs out there. Your email list and community is the most valuable asset of your business, and you need to be exceedingly careful in who you promote, because who you are connected with and what you serve to your audience is a reflection at some level of your own integrity, brand and identity.

We happily provide free review copies of our programs to affiliates who have signed up and provide us with proof they have an active email lists of 2,500+. 

You are more than welcome to contact me personally via email @ isis@isisjade.com and request a review copy! All you have to do is send me snapshot of your email list, their average activity levels and let’s talk about what we can do to help you succeed as well! We love cross-promotions!

You can also contact me by phone – 408-550-6457 to ask any questions you may have. Just leave a message and we’ll get back to you. Yes, I am a real person. Yes, I’d love to get to know you. You can learn more about me at my website, http://www.isisjade.com. I also give back volunteering time and effort to liberate children from sex trafficking rings through a nonprofit organization called A Child Unchained.

You can truly feel great that programs you are promoting are part of a larger, broader vision of creating massive shift in every corner of the world.

Our programs are designed to teach about ever-green subjects such as:


  • intuition (which is quickly becoming considered to be the single most important skill to your success),
  • success strategies,
  • business, sales & marketing,
  • wealth,
  • health,
  • personal development,
  • mind power,
  • Universal Laws,
  • personal transformation

We also provide certified intuitive consultant training (launching next year).

We have some very powerful sales letters.

My sales letters typically convert pretty highly. Most are written by tapping into the mindset of our focus group and writing from their perspective. Our last major online venture, our sales letters converted on average 54%. It resulted in very happy affiliates and JV partners.
Early on in my career, I worked in advertising and as a professional copywriter for over fifteen years. I write sales letters that give my readers a sense of intrinsic value and high quality insights that make them feel good about investing in themselves and in the program. There’s a great deal of positive psychology that goes on behind the scenes. Every email, every sales letter, it’s all directed at a solutions-oriented mindset and encouraging people to take action.

Our websites & copy we provide our affiliates are designed with impact in mind. High quality branding that reflects the symbolism of both the sacred trinity of Mind-Body-Spirit we teach & the vortex energy that our community creates, and we use high quality images that you can be proud to promote to your lists and on your websites.

Our programs are truly unique and exceptional because they appeal on many levels to a wide audience.

We offer powerful opt-in pages which follow-up with subscribers CONSISTENTLY to convert them into paying customers.  Our free  courses are in high demand and offer consistent channeling and up-sell opportunities. Cookies stay active. We currently use Zaxaa as our main affiliate tracking system & payout automatically via Paypal.

High value content poised towards educating seekers:

We create a lot of free and premium content that is all poised towards educating people who are seeking more about themselves: more insight, develop better decision making strategies, acquire greater self-awareness, have better businesses, and remove resistance to INVEST in their growth for such things and ultimately to JOIN one of our programs. Each time you promote one of our programs, it will result in another avalanche of profits that are added on top of your previous income. Take a look at our FREE training. It consists of 6 separate lessons that are geared towards the sale.

The exponential effect is present.

You get paid 20-50% for every sale you make. For example, let’s say you sell the Intuition Success™ Level 1 Program @ the current rate of $497 | You receive approximately $230 (after our affiliate hosting fees).

Run the numbers!
Sales Per Week Monthly Income Yearly Income
5 $4,600 $55,200
10 $9,200 $110,400
20 $18,400 $220,800

That’s what you get paid whenever you promote an Intuition Success™ program to your list, on your social media or your website or blog.

Deepen the Example: Let’s say every time you promote one of our programs to your email list of 5,000+ people. On average maybe you have a 10% response click through rate (that’s my average when I promote another person’s material to my list). 500 people click through to the offer for our FREE TRAINING – a 6 Day Course that is designed to excite people about what their intuition can do for them.
We now see 250 prospects enter our sales funnel with your cookie on their browser. When they are presented with the sales offer, they still have your cookie on their browser (so long as they didn’t clear the browser before they buy).
Now, let’s say their response is lower than our average conversion rate of 53% – and the sales conversion rate from these folks is just 10% (again, very conservative numbers). 25 people buy into the $497 offer – well, you just made $5,750 for sending one email that you cut and pasted from our affiliate training center.
If you invest more time into doing reviews on your blog, your social media, YouTube video testimonials, etc, you create an ever-green promotional campaign that creates passive income that sends money to you every time someone buys into our programs.

You get paid handsomely just for simply empowering people with the knowledge they need to live their best lives.

All by telling them about our programs, courses, products & books. You don’t have to do any work in maintaining the content or programs yourself. I work to develop high-end high-impact programs that truly impacts people’s lives. This is my passion and I enjoy sharing my gifts through my work with the world. I desire to reach out to as many people as possible and you are just the person who can help me achieve my goals. You have the opportunity to dramatically impact many lives with these programs and make a fantastic income doing so.

There’s no better opportunity to make a difference in this world.


Many affiliates become very wealthy by promoting other people’s products. By partnering with me we each receive a share of the profits while you are doing A TENTH of the work. Our programs are some of the most successful programs developed to dramatically impact people’s lives. Our programs offer SUPREME value and the price points are structured in such a way that the maximum number of people can automatically join one of our programs. We have products you can promote that range from $22 a month up to $1995.

Get Your Affiliate Link for Our Programs + Affiliate Training & Updates by signing up today.

We value all our affiliates & partners and very much look forward to the opportunity of working together!

If you have any questions, or if we can be of help to you in any, please do not hesitate to contact us at isis@isisjade.com


With greatest thanks and warmest wishes,

Isis Jade & The Intuition Success™ Team

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