isisjade-circleI  founded Intuition for Success™ to support & guide soul-driven people & visionaries from all over the world.

Today, I am here to support & guide you in spreading your wings & take flight into creating & experiencing the Divine Life & Business of your dreams following my proven Intuition for Success™ System.

All of our programs are based on the epiphany I was given about Intuition, our Divine Birthright and The Law of Delight when I was having a dark night of the soul in 2008. I was not sure I wanted to stay on this planet after having lost my health, my consulting practice, my house, my cars and all my life savings in the space of about 2 months.

That night I had a very powerful, mystical experience that I wrote about in my book, DELIGHT: An Enlightened Path to Transforming Your Life.

On that fateful night I connected to a knowing that we are so much more than the sum of our physicality.

No matter what your religion is, there is an energy that connects us all and when we really learn to align ourselves with our soul’s mission for our lives, and tap into our own divine source of wisdom from within (our Intuition), that is when miracles begin to happen. Miracles that transform not only our lives, our businesses, our relationships, our finances… but also the world.

You CAN create live an empowered life that delights & excites you by embracing and becoming part of a unique community that supports you. Life & business becomes full of ease & grace when you follow a proven system that empowers you to effortlessly manage your emotional frequency, release self-doubt & fear, elevate your consciousness and teaches you how to create your reality by leveraging all the universal laws through one elegant, divine process. By having ways to effectively and divinely magnetize your intuitive, soul-powered divine life and business, you learn to be a deliberate creator & master manifestor!


Are you ready to up-level your life in quantum ways to achieve MORE (Miraculous Optimal Results & Experiences). Do you want MORE? More love, flow, success, abundance, ease & grace?


It is my intention to allow Source Wisdom guide me and lead you to that inner place where your source of inspiration, intuition, creativity and delight endlessly flows.

With that in mind, allow me to open up my arms wide, give you a huge hug and say: Welcome Home!

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