Founder & CEO of Intuition Success™, Creator of The Intuition Success Accelerator™, Teacher of The Law of Delight – The Most Powerful Law Governing the Universe.

Isis Jade, Business Intuitive, Catalyst, and Strategist is one of the world’s leading global experts in field of Intuition, Innovation, Energy of Business, Money & Relationships and Empowering People to get unstuck for good.

Don’t be held back by the invisible ceiling on your success. You can break through and its easier than you think.

With swift precision and uncanny insight, she delivers spot-on diagnoses that result in the most optimal results and experiences… providing her clients with powerful solutions in any area of life that leads to unprecedented measurable, tangible results.

Isis uses her creative out of the box style to evaluate clients who work with organizations such as Microsoft, AT&T, & Agilent Technologies, among many others. She specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, executives, coaches and consultants to “think different”, gain immediate insight, and solve the challenges that keep you up late at night.

Issues that may perplex linear thinkers, experts and consultants for years, Isis sees into the core with lightning speed and accuracy, saving the people their precious time, energy, delivering profitability and ROI thousands of times over.

Isis states, “As big as a ‘crisis’ may appear to be in your life or business right now, it is never as enormous as the gift waiting for you on the other side. There is potential energy there that once you release it, will transform the crisis into the gift you’ve been waiting for.”

Intuition is THE Solution for Making Better Decisions in EVERY Area of Life.

During the past 15 years, Isis Jade’s results included but not limited to:

  • Average coach and consultant working with Isis double their profits four times in as little as two years.
  • Revamped business plan for start-up company, leading to a profitable first round funding of $50M and created substantial in-market demand for the company’s first software product before launch.
  • Serving her client in achieving $15 Million USD in Investment Capital from an Angel Investor in just 8 WEEKS from intuitively visioning and conceptualizing his product to signing the deal.
  • Consulting with the world’s largest software company resulting in reducing customer churn and increasing profitability by 38%.
  • Working with prominent Vietnamese manufacturing company to increase US contracts & profits by over 400%.
  • Saving client company $4M a year in operational costs by streamlining broken processes
  • Intuitively led client company to develop streamlined mobile application which led to successful distribution across 350M wireless subscribers leading to $680M in revenues in one year.
  • Intuitively developed program saving $7M in annual development costs for international payment provider.
  • Working with one of the most prestigious med-spa companies resulting in doubling bottom line profitability in two years.
  • Engineered $9.2M in profits in one quarter for a telecommunications company by optimizing customer acquisition model.
  • Secured 58% customer satisfaction improvement via more streamlined customer service channels
  • Achieved 83% improvement in international customer relations for SaaS firm.
  • Clients working with Isis to shift relationship energy heal rifts, reverse divorces, and find true love in as little as 30 days.
  • Investor achieved as much as 3,656% return on his deals after working with Isis on what had him stuck in his life.

Bottom Line?

  • We estimate over $800M has manifested on behalf of clients as a direct result of working with Isis
  • Clients have found true love, healed relationships and found deeper passion in the bedroom again.
  • Many clients have reported effortlessly losing weight, releasing chronic health issues, releasing addictions and regaining precious energy, time and vitality through working with Isis.
  • All clients report having discovered deeper meaning, fulfillment, joy and purpose in their lives as a direct result of working with Isis.
  • The average client reports achieving more in one month working with Isis on their intuition and raising their success set-point. than the past five years combined.

The problem is most of us rely on poor decision making frameworks & struggle with “old-school” problem-solving strategies that don’t work and wonder why we keep making the same mistakes!

Many of us struggle with dysfunctional decision-making survival strategies and problem-solving paradigms that put us in a cycle of overwhelming analysis paralysis. This cycle causes us to “get stuck”  when we are trying to make a decision about what to do.

We were taught “traditional” ways of solving problems very early on in childhood. Yet, many of these old models simply don’t work in today’s world.

I think different, I see the world in a very different way, and as a result I developed a unique approach to sensing and seeing with clarity exactly the challenges, and exactly the solution to put into place.

What do I do? I help people ask better questions, make better decisions & implement their solutions, drop the analysis paralysis, and become empowered to work better together.

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