In this 90-minute Online Training, you will discover:

  • Discover how to awaken, strengthen and use your intuition to ask better questions & make great decisions so you can succeed in all areas of your life & feel certain, clear and confident in all your life’s choices: large and small.
  • Learn how to: align with your life’s calling, start a new career or business, work less & make more, transform your health & relationships, dramatically improve your finances, align yourself & your habits so you can experience more out of life,realize your lifelong dreams & goals… and best of all, it’s easier than you think.
  • Learn about the powerful infinite level of awareness you have access to right now and the the different intuitive abilities you can learn to use to access it so your life is always self-directed to your most desired outcomes.
  • Discover the #1 most important thing you can do right now to open yourself up to allow your intuition and inspiration guide you to success — this step alone can have an exponential effect on your life and dramatically improve all areas of life. You’ll have more energy. Deeper motivation. Imagine experiencing frequent opportunities & synchronicities. You’ll start feeling guided along your way to a successful life.
  • Discover what happens when you “turn up” the volume of your heart & belly minds — I’ll show you how my clients made  one tiny intuitive decision altered the course of their entire lives for dramatic, life-changing positive outcomes that created endless flows of opportunity, success, love, money and joy. You will learn what they did and how they did it.
  • Download a powerful guided meditation with Isis Jade  — a truly remarkable technique she designed over the course of 20 years that you can use daily to reduce stress, access your own source of inner guidance, and release the overwhelm often linked to difficult decision making. This exercise opens you and immediately gives you access to your intuition.
  • Solve one of your most challenging life issues right now: Should you accept that job offer? Is this person your soulmate? Should you invest money in this venture? Isis will guide you through a surprisingly easy technique to gain immediate answers to your most burning questions.

And much, much more…

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