So, I’ve achieved some pretty miraculous results on behalf my clients over the years. But in all honesty, it’s never been about me. Miraculous results and transformation takes place because my clients stepped into the belief they can shift, they stepped into the sacred space I created and held for their healing and transformation.

I will tell you this – it doesn’t matter the industry, the problem, the culture, the product, the service or the challenge we faced together. Using intuitive decision making, focusing on delighting themselves and taking massive action following their epiphanies and impulses, no matter the fear, we can create anything we long to manifest for ourselves, our businesses, and for each other.

It didn’t matter if we were focused on changing corporate culture, building a monolithic tower like The Stratosphere, shifting brand strategy for a Fortune 500 corporate division, healing a debilitating illness, focusing on streamlining processes to save money and increase productivity rapidly, or creating brand new, bleeding edge technology out of thin air with a skeleton crew and no financial resources to land first round funding… or creating massive transformational shifts in my clients’ private lives and what they believe they can achieve for themselves…

…it’s always, always, always comes down to three basic steps:

STEP 1: Shift the way my clients approach the problems & decisions in their businesses, their lives, and their relationships.

Get them back to a place of “believing the impossible is not only possible, it is completely doable with what we have right here and now.” That’s a challenge, because myopia sets into a client and their own beliefs create what is known as cognitive dissonance about what they think they themselves can achieve. There is a bit of skepticism and narrow-mindedness only because at some point in time, my client struggled through a massive disappointment or heart break and it has since colored how he or she views problems and decision making now. He or she is afraid at some level to believe again in the possibility of monumental transformation and not repeating past mistakes.

The problem is never the problem itself.

The problem is the lack of our awareness about our subconscious mind’s own processes, a lack of awareness about our real options at play (you have a lot more than you think you do) and our attitude towards the problem itself that creates more complications than really exists.

Everyone on your team has latent skills and abilities that are untapped – including and especially you.

Sure, everyone in your world has an agenda, but it’s a brilliant agenda – because you see- everyone wants to be a part of your success story, everyone wants to be on the winning team. Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and valued. Everyone has the same basic core needs – and when we call upon each other to step up to fulfill those needs for ourselves and each other – miracles start to happen.

A large part of our limitations around problem solving resides in our subconscious mind, because it is programmed primarily to focus on physical survival. Thus much of its decision making process is snap-judgments and fear-based. Creating shift begins there. It begins by holding space for the collective subconscious in a team, the collective subconscious between two people or two businesses in a relationship, or the subconscious mind in the client themselves to come forward and show us the real problem we face. Once we resolve the limitations set into place by our subconscious minds – the rest is all about lining up what we most desire to transpire.

STEP 2. Give the client the space, confidence and power they need to step into the shift they long to create for themselves.

To do that, I need to show them the exceedingly painful gap between where they are right now and what they long to experience. I need to make that as deeply painful of an experience as possible so they are willing to make the shift. You see, your subconscious mind won’t shift its perception about the problem unless it experiences more pain staying in its current limited space vs the perceived risk it sees by making the leap to “the next level”.

You see all goals, all dreams, all desires, no matter what they are – are based on what we deeply long to experience for ourselves.

In order to get you to experience real shift, you need to deeply feel the pain of the antithesis of what you do not want.

You need to feel this so viscerally, so deeply, so powerfully, that you cannot help but make the leap. Part of this resides in trust. You need to trust me that I will catch you when you decide to make the leap off the cliff and know I will guide you to the other side.

This trust component in our relationship is absolutely vital and necessary. Because until you learn to trust your own inner wisdom, your direction, your team and yourself, you need a stand-in.

You don’t hire an Olympic coach because you need to lose a few pounds.

You hire an Olympic coach because you believe and want to go for the gold in a sport you believe you have talent for. You hire someone who sees that potential in you. And you hire someone you TRUST can call out that potential inside of you – that best part of you – forward.

Likewise, you don’t hire me unless you are ready to be called forward for a real shift. You call me when you realize you need a mentor that believes in you and can guide you to that next level. Most importantly, you need to believe that I want that next level transformation for you as badly as you do.

To allow my clients to feel as deep of pain and as deep fear as I can in the most visceral, potent way possible is a gift.

Allow me to explain. You cannot possibly want your own transformation as badly as I want it for you if you are unwilling to take the leap off the cliff with me, face the Abyss and do whatever it takes to get yourself over to the other side.

I can’t do this work for you.

You have to be willing to face exactly what it is that is causing you to feel stuck, to feel the pain that makes you long to transform this area of your life, your business, your relationships, or yourself. That requires honesty. A deep look into yourself. It requires integrity. A willingness to stand for your dreams and your goals.  At times it requires painful analysis, but not necessarily a judgmental one. This process isn’t about judgment. It is actually very much about compassion. It is about finally freeing yourself from judgment and limitation.

So you can live life fully embodied, and fully self-expressed at the level you long to live.

But you have to believe you are worth the investment. That your dreams are worth the investment.

We must first feel the pain of our perceived limitations before we can create the miracle that causes us to break free of what holds us back.

We have to believe we have been given exactly what we need to heal our heartbreak, transform, spread our wings and soar across the chasm to our dreams on the other side. More importantly, we need someone who can see our potential and possibilities, and can hold space for our visions, our dreams and our desires even during the darkest days when we falter and fail.

I want so badly for you to experience your heart’s desires, your most optimal outcome in your life with as much deep-seated joy, ecstasy, excitement, delight, wonder, love, awe and passion as possible.

However, to create massive shift in any area of life or business, you need to be willing to face the fear and the pain of not shifting.

You need to realize exactly how much time and energy you’ve given over to fear and staying stuck where you are at.

It’s scary to face that reality of being stuck and how much life you’ve given away to stay stuck. It’s terrifying to face the dark night of your soul. It is. I get it, but in order to really make shift happen – you need to be willing to go to the deepest, darkest parts of your pain to find the motivation to shift and transform yourself – spontaneously and rapidly.

and finally…

STEP 3. Teach my clients how to trust themselves to create lasting success in every area of life.

I do that by showing you how to approach every challenge or decision you have to make with your own inner wisdom and intuition consistently, rapidly – and more importantly – teaching you to know the difference between fear-based rationalizing of the subconscious mind and love-based intuitive impulses that come from the deepest part of yourself so you know where and when to take massive action that is based on true intuition and not in fear.

The foundation for intuitive decisions, comes from your mission and vision for your life. If that’s not grounded, if that’s not firmly set into position, then your intuition doesn’t have anything to go off of.

This is key. This is crucial.

Intuition is the culminating key factor that will lead you straight to your dreams, your desires, your goals and your vision for your life.

Being willing to feel the fear and take action anyways. Being willing to go there. Deeply there. And transform your world from the inside out.

95% of your life’s decisions are automated by your subconscious mind – and most of those are fear based and you rationalize nearly all of them.

So let me ask you this, what if you took that power back and began using your own inner power to guide you deeply throughout your life?

86% of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities and investors all agree that learning to listen, trust and take action on their intuition is the leading key factor to their greatest achievements.

I’m not going to give you the easy answers. I’m not your magic Eight Ball. I am, however, going to give you the edge you need. I’m going to sharpen that edge and hone it until you are able to cut through the crap that holds you back and set yourself free.

I don’t give easy answers. I give you insights, tools, and strategies. And I am going ask to you the tough questions you need to be asking yourself.

You see, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

Want a better quality of life, a better business, a better relationship? It’s time to improve the quality of your questions and start listening intuitively to the answers you receive – and take action on those things you are in control of.

I’m not afraid of your potential, your possibilities, your dreams or your deepest longings. I see it all.

I’ve been there. I know what its like to feel stuck. I know what hurts. I know what its like to feel trapped. To feel the pain of not having your dreams realized. To feel limited. To feel boxed in. On the other side, I know what it takes to create success and joy and achievement on your terms, to create and manifest a life, business and relationships that work best for you.

I know what its like to sabotage yourself because you gave into your fear. To thrive one month and suffer the next. I know what its like to lose momentum, to second guess, to doubt yourself and to be afraid. I also know what its like to have a mission that drives you, that keeps you up at night stressed out and worried.

It’s time to shift that pain, isn’t it?

I see what’s possible for you and your life. I see your talents, your gifts, your strengths. I see your weaknesses, I feel your pain and your heartbreak. I see the vision you hold for yourself, but I see beyond what you see for yourself. I see what’s great in you and what you long to create in your life, your business, your world.

I want to show you there is a way to cross the divide.

And it is effortless once you make the choice to step out of your pain and step into the space of love created for you to shine and soar. The only real pain you are feeling right now – is the pain of indecision.

Isn’t it time you made a choice? To invest deeply in yourself? In your dreams?

When you learn to trust your inner guidance and trust we want the most optimal outcome for you, when you learn to make the tough decisions you need to make for yourself from a place of intuition, love and seeking growth, when you are willing to be uncomfortable, when you are willing to be seen, heard, valued, understood and walk the path you know is there for you, you need people around you that will support your growth and hold the sacred space you need to bring your vision for your life front and center, not hold you back.

We all have the ability to focus on the most optimal outcome for all involved, and that’s when miracles truly happen. When we can celebrate your success, stand in your light and celebrate you, and when I get to hold sacred space for a person to heal, shift and transform, to suit up and show up as the very best version of themselves – well, not only is it an honor, but it is most deep, sacred work.

These three keys have always paved my way to creating miraculous results in my clients’ lives, their businesses and their world.

My name is Isis Jade. I am an intuitive strategist and a catalyst for transformation in every area of life. I am not your traditional coach or your traditional intuitive. Not by a long shot. I will call on you and I will take a stand for your transformation.

I will call upon your highest potential. I will demand your greatest and best presence. I will hold you to the commitments you make.

I’ve guided my clients into building 6,7, & 8 figure businesses, manifesting the loves of their lives, manifesting less hours at work and more time to devote to the causes they care about.

My clients have manifested miraculous results in their lives. They are incredible people. Every last one of them.

Transformation in: 2 months – 3 months – 6 months.

Your transformation really can happen that rapidly.

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